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  • Mama, it's Jackie.

  • Let's take a look at what's in the news.

  • Did you ever think there would come a day when toilet paper was the most wanted thing in all of Australia?

  • Well, that day is here.

  • Ozzy's around the country have been panic buying Twitter paper tissues and hand sanitizer in response to the spread off Cove in 19.

  • But authorities and supermarkets are telling people they need to calm down.

  • Empty, empty.

  • Oh, and what a surprise.

  • Empty.

  • This is what supermarket shelves look black when Australians get really, really worried about moving 19 many people is stocking up in case they need to stay.

  • Harm products like canned foods, imposter being grabbed but tissues, hand sanitizer and especially toilet paper of the most popular.

  • Check out this lady's trolley.

  • Many people are joking that Australians biggest concern is keeping our bottoms some tweeting.

  • This is how Aussies intend to protect themselves from the virus.

  • Others that you can't eat toilet paper.

  • It's gotten so crazy that people have even started reselling toilet paper for ridiculous prices on the Internet, although they're probably not serious.

  • But right now, not being able to get toilet paper is a bigger problem than the virus itself.

  • It is important that people just got about their business and their normal processes in a calm manner.

  • Toilet paper makers are working around the clock to keep up with demand, while worse is limiting how much paper people could buy to make sure there's enough for everyone's bottoms.

  • Two massive tornadoes have hit the U.

  • S state of Tennessee.

  • More than 20 people have died in the city of Nashville.

  • The tornadoes flattened buildings and left more than 40,000 people with power.

  • I woke up hearing kind of a loud roar and, um, kind of looked over it.

  • Evan and I was like, Uh, this is good.

  • We're grateful to be alive.

  • Honestly, Up next, we're about to hear from a young athlete with some big dreams.

  • Bradie Soul is a wheelchair racer who is aiming to compete at the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

  • Comedian money, Braddy and I'm nine years old from British area, and this is a little I've been going super fast in my life, and I've been watching older athletes on the TV and I want to have a go on it.

  • This is really cool raising.

  • This is why I stayed with and I'm you know, I'm here and I push with very special close.

  • I love racing because you get to get stupid lost and it's a competitive sport.

  • I love being competitive.

  • Competing in the Thursday 10 K was so exciting, but a little bit nervous.

  • I crashed on the first life.

  • I go back up again and I finished it.

  • And I'll super proud of myself.

  • Oh, my fellow pilot athletes on my biggest heroes like my dear Easier Luke Bailey, Louisa Lodge cut friendly because they find me to do my best.

  • My paddle mingles are four years.

  • I wanna get a pass and be a Paralympian, and I'm gonna keep trying until I get to that point.

  • My biggest even laugh is to keep loving my school and being successful here.

  • All right.

  • Now it's time to meet someone who really knows how to use the force.

  • An 11 year old has just become the first person to receive a super special bionic arm.

  • Yep.

  • Bella's new arm is modeled on Star Wars droid R.

  • Two D two.

  • More than $20,000 in donations helped Bella get this super stylish prosthetic.

  • But it's not just for looks.

  • It's helping her to do.

  • Hates of things she couldn't do before.

  • And as if Bella wasn't happy enough, she also got to show it off to our two details.

  • Bestie.

  • Yup, Luke Skywalker himself.

  • Or at least my camel, who plays look in the movies and his dogs.

  • Mabel, Here you go.

  • After saying Bella's story on social media, Mark decided to get in touch.

  • Oh, man.

  • And as a Star Wars fan, Bella Goto ask Luke or Mark a tough question.

  • You know, that's kind of hard to pick, you know, because you like him all for different reasons.

  • Uh, too tough to answer.

  • But this moment surely made up for it.

  • And may the force be with you always.

  • Well, that's, Ah, all the news we have for today.

Mama, it's Jackie.


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