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  • [DELISA] Eminem releases a new Cole Bennet directed visual for his for his monster hit

  • with the late Juice WRLD, “Godzilla.”

  • It’s full of callbacks, namedrops, cameos, and more so Genius News decided to take a

  • look at some of the top references.

  • Em starts the video by downing a bottle of alcohol, kickstarting a wild journey.

  • This could be a reference to Eminem’s past drug and alcohol abuse that led him to his

  • current sobriety.

  • Eminem: it does feel like a second chance in the sense of life again.

  • I almost fucking died so that in itself.

  • [DELISA] Next up, we see clones of the Detroit rapper, similar to his iconic 2000 music video

  • The Real Slim Shadywhere he’s surrounded by Eminem dopplegangers.

  • Later, Em takes us on a walk where he runs into another familiar face, a look-alike in

  • a straitjacket - a visual that he’s used a number of times like inMy Name Is

  • and his collab with Rihanna forThe Monster.”

  • Next, a bartender hands Em a shot of vodka, another direct reference to his bars onMy

  • Name Is.”

  • [DELISA] Right after this nod to two of his calling cards, we get the first cameo by Lenny,

  • an easter egg director Cole Bennett places in every video.

  • The character appears on the calendar and found on the cover of a CD.

  • Cole also finds an opportunity to pay homage to a friend by floating Juice WRLD’s two

  • albums, ‘Death Race For LoveandGoodbye and Good Riddanceamongst the stack.

  • Later, Eminem sits atop his throne of albums, surrounded by fans which could be a possible

  • callback to his 2005 visual forWhen I’m Gone.”

  • In the crowd, we see a doppelganger wearing a durag and glasses, a retro Eminem look from

  • the early 2000s.

  • Later, we find the rapper butchering meat with a chainsaw.

  • And 10 years ago, Em used to often come on stage the same way.

  • Recently, Drake even posted a bit of memorabilia remembering those days.

  • The video also gives us a visual for Em’s lyrical reference to Diddy’s infamous request

  • on Making The Band.

  • Diddy: I want me a piece of cheesecake.

  • You know where to get, the cheesecake spot is at.

  • Off-camera:Downtown.

  • Diddy: Yeah.

  • And yall can walk from here.

  • Get the cheesecake, see the city.

  • Enjoy the sights, would ya?

  • [DELISA] We cut to Em opening up a car trunk with a full moon above him.

  • It seems to be an allusion to the artwork of his 1999 classicThe Slim Shady LP.’

  • And it’s Eminem stuffed in the trunk, like the fate of the girlfriend and victim

  • in theStanvideo.

  • Right when Eminem is about to spit the fastest part of his verse, he’s surprised with a

  • knockout punch from boxing champion Mike Tyson, who he mentioned on his late 90s cutJust

  • Don’t Give A Fuck.”

  • Eminem: What the fuck? Mike?

  • Mike Tyson: Em, is that you?

  • Aw, I didn’t mean it.

  • Please, man, I’m sorry.

  • Please forgive me.

  • Fuck!

  • [DELISA] To treat Marshall’s injuries, Dr. Dre appears as a literal physician along with

  • another Em clone and a nervous Tyson.

  • It’s a throwback to his many ER visits, likeWithout Mewhere he also got a

  • prescription dose of liquor.

  • “I Need A Doctorwhere he visits a dying Dre.

  • AndPhenomenalwhere he breaks out of a hospital.

  • The music video closes with a tribute to Juice WRLD.

  • JUICE: I hope everybody having a good day, I hope everybody accomplished something significant,

  • even if you didn’t accomplish something significant, don’t be discouraged.

  • Just aim to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day and so on.

  • [DELISA] Cole, a frequent collaborator and friend of Juice WRLD, signs the video off

  • with 999 forever and seems to aim to carry his friend’s legacy in his future works.

  • COLE: Unfortunately over the past few years, weve lost a lot of legends and whenever

  • they die we always say Damn, I wish I could appreciate that person while they were here.

  • Juice was definitely appreciated while he was here.

  • [DELISA] With all the easter eggs, throwback Eminem gems, and touching tributes to Juice,

  • the music video is a hit with fans, gaining over 10 million views in just 24 hours.

  • What’d we miss?

  • Let us know in the comments.

  • I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

[DELISA] Eminem releases a new Cole Bennet directed visual for his for his monster hit


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