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  • an enthusiastic Canadian welcome for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex inside Canada.

  • Hose Prince Harry and Meghan, wearing Canadian designer Heard um met with Canadian artists, entrepreneurs and academics.

  • When we spoke to their raw Highnesses team about on event for the Commonwealth, we thought, What a wonderful way to celebrate both our goals of of celebrating Canadians but also their interest in you.

  • Gillian Cool Check was pleased to tell the Duke and Duchess about her work on a navigation app to help people find safe routes home.

  • It was quite an extraordinary honor to be able Thio present to them.

  • Megan Merkel is very much, you know, an inspiration.

  • Harry and Megan were also treated to a performance by indigenous throat singers.

  • They spent time with Canadian Children at a makeshift Maple Sugar ship, and they were given gifts for their own child.

  • Expected this spring.

  • After their visit to Canada House, Harry and Megan joined the queen and other members of the royal family for the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey.

  • As a founding member of the Commonwealth, Canada was at the front of the flag procession.

  • Christian Norton, who's studying at the university of Oxford was the flag bearer.

  • I think it's quite an honor to be representing your country and also being someone from consider island.

  • It's not often that you see people from the island on his international stages or platform.

  • Commonwealth countries have a combined population of 2.4 billion people.

  • More than 60% of them are under the age of 30 and the queen is giving the young Royals more responsibility.

  • Harry is the president of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, which exists to champion, fund and connect young leaders around the world.

  • And Megan has just been appointed vice president.

  • Youth is crucial.

  • The queen gets that.

  • She knows that for the coming month to survive and stay relevant, it's got appeal to young people, Hartman says.

  • The Commonwealth is an important part of the queen's legacy, and she's now beginning to entrust it to a new generation.

  • Kayla Homes will.

an enthusiastic Canadian welcome for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex inside Canada.


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ハリーとメーガン、カナダの若者と一緒に英連邦を祝う (Harry and Meghan celebrate Commonwealth with young Canadians)

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