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Here are some of the most embarrassing moments in sports history that are sure to make your jaw drop.
Greg Louganis.
He is an American Olympic diver.
During the 1988 Olympics, he accidentally hit his head on the board and fell into the pool.
He had injuries, which resulted in bleeding.
He was taken out and he got stitches, but that didn't stop him.
His determination made him climb the board again and win the gold medal.
This was, Ah, heart touching story for people.
Until 1995 he revealed that he actually had AIDS.
At that time, everyone was disappointed in him for putting them at risk, as his blood had gotten into the pool.
He was labeled is too selfish to tell the truth and putting everyone in danger.
Two Chinese gymnastic team Underhand tactics have always been a part of Olympic Games.
Some of the athletes were caught in a doping cause.
Some became the victim of other fraudulent tactics.
In this way, they had to give up their gold medals.
This occurred with the Chinese gymnastic team.
The picture appears to be one of the contestants at 2000 Olympics.
The Chinese team was forced to return their medals after one of them was found to have falsified her age.
It was an embarrassing moment for both the team and the country.
Three dad breaks the trophy.
Alabama football player was happy to see and welcome his dad after they won coaches trophy and 2012.
But things went pretty embarrassing when the father accidentally tripped on the rug, where the table caring the trophy was placed, and in a moment of seconds, it crushed into pieces.
The team had to pay $30,000 to replace the water for trophy.
It seems that relationship between father and son would probably have gone downhill after this mishap.
Number four.
The wrong rookie.
Things got pretty awkward for Jeremy Lin when he called the wrong rookie to bid him farewell.
He was supposed to call Jeremy Lamb, who was replaced for Oklahoma City Thunder, but instead he ended up calling Scott Machado.
Machado said that he got pretty confused and was worried about his spot on the team, but sooner both realized that the call had been mixed.
Situation was clarified later and Machado took a sigh of relief.
The embarrassing mishap A lady was invited to sing The Star Spangled Banner before the puck was dropped in NHL game.
She forgot the lyric after Dawn's early light.
She tried to improvise, but they're burst of laughter in the crowd.
She tried again, but fumbled this time to the crowd, got a little louder this time, so she decided to go back to get a piece of paper that had the lyrics on it and came back out as she was about to perform.
She tripped over the edge of the carpet and fell down.
The crowd went wild.
She tried to stand up again, but fell down again.
Awkward right?
This Super Bowl moment.
The Alabama Crimson Tide were coached by former Junction boy Gene Stallings.
They were part of the Super Bowl.
People all over the country were watching, and the audience stat was closed at 40 million.
Miami has the reputation at this point of what Alabama had in the sixties and seventies.
They were most favorites, with multiple titles a shoo in to nominate for another one.
Wait, this is not the embarrassing part.
Not only did Alabama beat them handily, but Alabama safety George Teague runs down.
Miami receiver Lamar Thomas, as Thomas is trying to run in the end zone and without breaking stride, strips the ball out of his hands and runs the other way.
No tackling, no nudging.
Just catches up with him and steals it.
The embarrassing loss in N B.
A 1996 finals.
The Seattle SuperSonics.
Current Oklahoma City Thunder had lost the 1st 2 games of the series against Jordan Pippin.
Rodman as they were in Chicago.
They got close the second time.
The audience in the arena was ready, loud, confident and excited.
But their team went down 32 to 12 before the first quarter was over.
Ate the annoyed mother.
Things got awkward when Stefan Marbury mother crawled through the nine inch seal boundary into the court during one of his games, and she scolded him for yelling at the officials.
Things got even wild when she had to be stopped and escorted out by the officials.
We are pretty sure this reminded you of the time your mother rebuked you in public.
Embarrassing Right.
This infamous baseball moment this moment refers to the infamous baserunning mistake, which was committed by rookie Fred Merkle of the New York Giants in a game against the Chicago Cubs on September 23rd 1908 Merkel had to advance for the second base, which was supposed to be a winning hit, but he failed to do so.
Instead, the game was tied.
The Cubs later won the game, and it proved decisive as they beat the Giants by one game and they won the National League NL pennant for 1908 It has been described as the most controversial game in baseball history.
The wrong boner in Ashes.
Siri's England captain, Alistair Cooke, was forced off the field after suffering an awkward injury that will surely bring tears to a man's eyes.
But for the other people, there were tears of laughter.
In order to take the terrific catch, he slipped in the ball, head straight on his genitals.
That was a pretty awkward moment.
While he was breathless, begging for help, his teammates were suppressing their laughter.
11 embarrassing yet courageous moment.
Moussambani had gained entry to the Olympics for 100 meters without meeting the minimum qualification requirements via wild card draw, which was designed to encourage developing countries without expensive training facilities so that they are able to participate.
Eric had learned to swim only eight months before and only practiced in a 20 meter pool at a hotel in Malabo.
He had never seen a 50 meter pool before the Olympics be his luck.
The two other competitors were disqualified and he won the gold medal, although his time was outside the 200 meters.
That 12.
The Olympic torch.
The Olympic torch is of great importance.
It is ignited several months before the start of the Olympics.
It is then carried and kindle the Olympic cauldron later.
But an embarrassing moment happened in 1976 Summer Olympics held in Canada.
The Olympic flame, extinguished due to a rainstorm and official reignited it with a cigarette lighter.
But it didn't work well.
It was then ignited by backup of original flame.
13 Tonya Harding.
Before 1994 Olympics, Tonya's ex husband attacked rival skater Nancy Kerrigan.
Tonya admitted she had helped cover up the attack, but even after this, she was allowed to take part in the Olympics.
Everyone was rooting against her after this, and she lived up to their expectations due to ill luck.
Her shoelace broke during the performance and she was unable to perform.
She missed the first jump completely, although judges took mercy and let her perform again, but she ended up being in the eighth place.
14 Korean team in 2012 London Olympics.
Korean soccer team did not enter the field for over an hour.
You may ask why because during the introduction the scoreboard showed South Korean flags in front of their names, which caused an uproar among them.
They only took the field when they were granted permission by the team official of North Korean Soccer Federation, which is headed by Kim Jong Eun himself 15 Wallace Spearmon In 2008 Olympics which were held in Beijing, Wallace Spearmon took part in 200 meters race.
After the race he thought they had won the bronze medal and he started parading the ground with flag with winner Hussein Bolt.
But he later learned that he had been disqualified.
Oops, 16 Tyson Fury.
He is known for his outrageous movies both in and out of the ring.
In his early days during his fourth professional fight against Lee Swabey, he became a bit more excited.
He was not satisfied with the opponent's performance.
Therefore, he started hitting himself to make the fight more of a challenge, but he became careless instead.
This surely provided his future opponents with his weak points.
17 burning dozens of doves.
Some unfortunate moment happened during the 1988 Olympics, which were held in Seoul during the opening ceremony.
Hundreds of doves were released is a sign of peace.
Sadly, dozens of them flew to the giant Olympic cauldron.
Little did they know that it was about to be ignited and erupt into an enormous fire.
Millions of people saw in astonishment as the doves burn in the flames.
18 The exciting embarrassment.
Australian swimmers Petria Thomas, Elka Graham, John Rooney and Linda Mackenzie were very much delighted that they had won the four by 200 meter relay at the 2000 won world championships in Japan that they jumped in the pool to celebrate on Lee.
Trouble was, not all swimmers had finished, so the Aussies were disqualified.
19 The not a smart move.
Four doubles teams Wang Jelly and Yu Yang, China's world champions Greysia Polii in May.
Liana Djuhari, Indonesia, junk Young Eun and Kim Hana South Korea and Ha Jeong Joon and Kim and Young South Korea were disqualified for attempting to throw their matches.
He was sent by the federation that they had not made a single attempt to win the match, and they were only aiming at the net to get an advantageous drawn.
They were not only disqualified but also badly booed by the audience.
The Hitler moment.
Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics.
What is strange about this?
You may ask the fact that they were held in Berlin and Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany.
He considered his race Orient Superior than everyone, an African American, which was considered inferior at that moment.
Winning more gold medals than his race was embarrassing for him.
He refused to shake hands with winners, but Jesse Owens was warmly welcomed in his home country not only for winning but also for humiliating Hitler.
Do you know any such moments share with us?
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Most Embarrassing Moments In Sports Ever

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