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Downing Street said today the Corona virus will spread in a significant way across the UK after Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared a cobra meeting on the outbreak DOT a number 10 spokesman said Britain is still officially trying to contain the virus as part of its four step Corona virus.
Strategy dot read More Corona virus Foran office changes travel advice after locked down in Italy Read more Corona virus to new cases confirmed in Wales as UK Total hits 280 But the government said experts now believe the number of U.
K covered 19 infections will rise considerably higher than the current total of 280.
Doctor spokesman also played down suggestions the UK government was not sufficiently grappling with the Corona virus outbreak following Italy's decision to quarantine an area of 16 million people at the weekend.
Don't read more inside the Italy looked down life in Europe's Corona virus quarantine zone, noting that further steps to delay the spread of cove in 19 would be taken according to scientific advice.
He stressed they would be set out at the optimum time.
The government is concerned not to jump too soon for fear it will create massive disruption with limited benefit.
Dot Cobra discusses Corona Virus Delay Tactics Johnson this morning chaired yet another Cobra emergency committee meeting on the matter dot a number of steps were discussed to contain and delay the spread of Cove in 19.
The spokesman said dot every department on Whitehall was represented at the meeting, as was every devolved administration dot read more.
How many Corona virus cases does your London borrow have?
There was no discussion of the breaking news from this morning that a T F L staff member tested positive for Corona virus dot.
The spokesman insisted the N HS was well prepared for the outbreak and that the government would continue to be led by scientific advice.
Both the chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser attended the Cobra meeting.


Downing Street defends coronavirus strategy after Italy lockdown

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