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  • e Love my life.

  • I love you so much, Gary.

  • I'll never forget that way.

  • Little snails.

  • What's your name?

  • Huh?

  • You want to be friends?

  • Me to Daddy?

  • I'm home.

  • Gary.

  • Gary!

  • No.

  • This summer search begins.

  • Friends don't let friends with all new faces.

  • Hello?

  • Call me sage.

  • Good mood.

  • I'm made out of sage.

  • I am a sage, so it works out pretty well on Patrick Meagher.

  • Name means Toaster in Celtic.

  • Pretty sure it doesn't.

  • The most amazing places don't lose focus.

  • Luck.

  • I wouldn't worry about us.

  • Losing hero.

  • You can bet on.

  • Put it on.

  • That's not all.

  • That's seven starts with Weird Theo SpongeBob movie sponge on the run with blood moving.

  • Oh, I love your sense of irony, Patrick.

e Love my life.


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THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE 2 スポンジ・オン・ザ・ラン 予告編(2020) (THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE 2: SPONGE ON THE RUN Trailer (2020))

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