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  • Meter in Poetry, a la Shmoop. If we told you to watch for iambs<<eye-ams>>,

  • trochees<<tro-keys>>, spondees<<spahn-dees>>, anapests<<an-uh-pests>> and dactyls<<dack-tils>>...

  • might cover your head with your hands and run screaming for the nearest shelter...

  • ...hoping against hope that none of them are hungry.

  • But, in fact, these "fantastic five" are nothing more than types of poetic "feet." And those

  • feet? They help add rhythm and meter to a line of poetry.

  • Oh yeah... it's not just jazz musicians who need to lay down a funky beat.

  • Poetry is big on beauty, and ideas, and feelings, sure... but in many cases, it also relies

  • on meter to evoke a certain response from the reader.

  • During poetry's humble beginnings...

  • ...meter was introduced not so much to make poems sing-songy...

  • ...but to simply help remember the dang things. Which way is easier to remember what you need

  • to get at the grocery store?

  • A list like this?

  • Or a poem like this:

  • The milk is gone And yogurt, too

  • I need some Dawn And a new shampoo

  • We're low on rye The eggs are out

  • Could use some pie And sauerkraut.

  • Catchy, no?

  • And it's not just because the poem rhymes.

  • It's because there is a natural flow... a rhythm... to the words.

  • Let's take a look at a version of our shopping poem that is lacking in rhythm.

  • The milk is gone And somebody polished off the last of the

  • yogurt, too I need to get some Dawn

  • And shampoo We're running low on our rye

  • The eggs were eaten this morning and so they're just about out

  • Since we don't have any dessert on hand it would be nice to stock up on pie

  • And we should also probably get sauerkraut.

  • Still rhymes. But yikes. Probably not something you'd see come out of poet laureate.

  • Meter is absent in free verse poetry, but there is still rhythm.

  • Not every line needs to have a certain number of syllables...

  • ...and you can switch up where you stress certain words...

  • ...but even free verse makes you feel as if there is some kind of music infused into the

  • language. Try playing around with meter yourself, and

  • see what happens.

  • If all else fails, at least you won't run out of sauerkraut.

Meter in Poetry, a la Shmoop. If we told you to watch for iambs<<eye-ams>>,


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メーター・イン・ポエトリー by Shmoop (Meter In Poetry by Shmoop)

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