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  • Okay, so today I woke up ugly and hated myself on.

  • So what better thing to do than shopping to make me forget how much existed way will go shopping at Zara kids or woman Because I am.

  • But SAARC it's has more good coatings on double fit me because I'm so tiny and weak.

  • Muscles are more also say, like my friends.

  • By the way, I have picked up my friend.

  • He's with me And before we go to shop, aesthetic, close way are going to have a drink or soda or whatever because it's really hot.

  • Uh, wait.

  • If you want to be steady, you always you have Here is the key.

  • You have to drink from this on.

  • And you shouldn't be drinking like that drinking like this.

  • If you're not listening, forget about the video.

  • Just leave the video looks on.

  • You will never be guys.

  • So basically what Abel is this one?

  • It's the only acceptable artistic artistic thing that I could find.

  • There it looks good.

  • It looks it looks young and wild on nice, and the fabric is really good.

  • So I'm going to try him.

  • So that's it, Really, as you can see really nice color on dhe.

  • It fits me very well on it Has that thing that you can separate.

  • You could take off if you want.

  • What?

  • I won't do that because it looks really good.

  • Okay, so the second part off being aesthetic lifestyle, he's taking pictures, Mr Going pictures.

  • So I'm not going to do, like, normal instagram pictures like models or influences that hits the ground photos in a certain way up today because the whole video is about Also, if you're going to tell me how many times I say aesthetic today, you're going to have diarrhea, but yeah, I'm going to take some aesthetic pictures for Instagram on.

  • I'm going to show you how I do that on DDE.

  • I want to serve you some Billy Irish looks today.

  • With this war, it's blue and it looks quite nice to take pictures on.

  • This is why the way a store it's Martha Because we don't have wool marks of Morocco on.

  • We also don't have a target.

  • Also, look at this.

  • Look a thesis.

  • This is so aesthetically pleasing.

  • What do you think?

  • I think they are great.

  • Good.

  • I'm going.

  • This face needs to be fixed.

  • It's very oily.

  • There is Miss Eva.

  • I know the magic off face.

  • Tune on with Fix everything.

  • I'm back so way have done way.

  • Have taken an outfit with on outfit.

  • We took Instagram pictures Now part tree is editing.

  • I'm going to show you how I did it.

  • My photos on also I'm going to show you a playlist off songs that I found to be aesthetic Come, go to show you my aesthetic latest I swear I'm going to kill myself if I say that word again.

  • So now we have the editing part of the picture is what I used it.

  • It is basically face, June.

  • Just the fixed my face.

  • No, not really.

  • Just to fix some stuff that I found in the background that I don't want them to show up or something like that.

  • Then I use this.

  • Oh, we call it the Visco first song that I found to be a lot very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Very aesthetic.

  • That sounds very steak.

  • Is that even a word?

  • I really don't know the name of the or Ariana Grande A with Nikola Nagy, my friend, who was filming Wait.

  • Really?

  • For the latest.

  • I'm going to try to put more songs in the description if you want to check them out because I'm probably going to get a couple right strike or something.

  • My channel, You know, being aesthetic.

  • It's so exhausting.

  • So I tried to have some coffee.

  • My friend here having a drink.

  • She is so standing easy.

  • Yes.

  • Go for it.

  • Really.

  • Thank you so much for washing this video.

  • If you need to enjoy it, make sure to give it a like tons up.

  • That would be great on subscribe turned identifications on as I'm going to be opposing more on more videos like this because I just bought a camera on I can't wait to make more videos like this.

  • Coming down below for any idea is what you want wash in this channel.

Okay, so today I woke up ugly and hated myself on.


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