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Are you looking for a creative way to impress your friends with your skills? Here's an idea:
I'm going to show you the way to solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube that works 100% of the time!
First things first – let's study the Rubik’s Cube lingo. It's all simple and logical.
R – turn the right face of the cube clockwise 90 degrees
R' (apostrophe) – turn the right face counter clockwise 90 degrees
L – left face clockwise L' (apostrophe) – left face counter clockwise,
U – upper face clockwise, U' (apostrophe) – upper face counter clockwise,
F – turn the front face clockwise, F' (apostrophe) – turn the front face counter
clockwise, D – down face goes clockwise
D' (apostrophe) – down face goes (you got it) counter clockwise
B – back face clockwise B' (apostrophe) – back face counter clockwise
So, as you can see, each capital letter stands for a face of the cube that turns clockwise.
When there is an apostrophe, it means you should go counter clockwise 90 degrees.
We're going to use 8 basic moves to solve a 2x2 cube. The cube will rotate clockwise
if you look at it from the right face side that's marked with an X. We'll only use 3
algorithms, so it's all really simple, like I promised. Trust me.
1. The right fingertrick
It just takes 4 moves and helps us solve most of the cube.
Turn the right face of the cube clockwise 90 degrees, upper face clockwise, the right
face counter clockwise, and upper face counter clockwise.
Easy, right? Let's see how it works on a real cube.
Turn the right face of the cube clockwise, upper face clockwise, now, right face goes
counter clockwise, and upper face counter clockwise.
Let's do it again: right clockwise, upper clockwise, right counter clockwise, and upper
counter clockwise. Once again: right, upper, right, upper, and
the fourth time. I think I mastered it!
2. The left fingertrick
This is a mirror reflection of the previous algorithm and it's also done in 4 moves. The
left face goes counter clockwise, the upper face goes counter clockwise. Then, the left
face turns counter clockwise, and the upper face – counter clockwise.
That's the algorithm, let's see how it works on a real cube.
So you turn the left face counter clockwise, the upper face counter clockwise, the left
face counter clockwise, and then the upper face counter clockwise again.
And, once again: left, upper, left, upper. Keep going.
One more time: left counter clockwise, upper counter clockwise, left counter clockwise,
upper counter clockwise.
3. Corner rotation
Just like the previous two algorithms, this one is done in 4 moves.
First, you turn the right face clockwise, then the front face counter clockwise. Then,
right face goes counter clockwise, and finally the front face turns clockwise.
Let's try it!
Right, front, right, front. One more time: right, front, right, front.
And again: clockwise, counter clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise.
And one final move. There you go!
Now it's time to solve that cube. What shall we begin with?
It takes 3 stages: 1. First, we'll solve the bottom layer
2. Then, we'll solve the top layer 3. Finally, we'll swap the corners.
1. Solving the bottom layer.
First, let's find the right corner. It's usually marked with a sticker and is white, blue and
red. We'll start with it. Let's see which corner it will be easiest to put next to it:
is it going to be blue and white or red and white. I see it's red and white. Let's put
it where it belongs and use the first fingertrick on it until it's in the right place with white
facing down.
Okay, let's do the same with the remaining white corners.
Trust me, the more you practice, the easier it gets.
One more time. Done! The bottom layer is solved.
2. Solving the top layer.
Let's find the corner that matches in two colors with the bottom layer that's already
solved and put it in the right place. Once you find the first corner, you have to keep
looking for the second one without relocating the first corner.
Here, two cases are possible. The two corners can be next to each other, or placed diagonally.
1. If two corners are next to each other.
Take the cube in your left hand holding the two matching corners and do the right fingertrick
three times. Do you remember how to do it? It's right face clockwise, upper face clockwise,
the right face counter clockwise, and upper face counter clockwise. Once again. There
you go. One more time.
Now turn the entire cube clockwise and do the left fingertrick three times. Left face
goes counter clockwise, upper counter clockwise, left counter clockwise, upper counter clockwise.
Once again. And the final move.
In case you've done it right, all the corners will be in place.
2. If two corners are in a diagonal.
In this case, it doesn't matter how you hold the cube, but the white side has to face down.
Now, let's do the same as for neighboring corners. So it's the R U R' U' three times,
turn the cube clockwise and do the L' U' L U moves three times. Now let's find the corners
that are next to each other, and we have the same setting as in the first case.
3. Swapping the corners.
Now, all you have to do is swap all the corners yellow side up. Grab the cube white side down.
And let's keep swapping the corners until the yellow part of the rotating corner is
up. Without rotating the cube itself, keep turning the upper side towards the corner
that's not in place and keep using the algorithm. It might seem like you're messing it up, but
no worries. Once you finish with the last corner yellow side up, it will be all done.
Congrats! You've successfully solved a 2x2 Rubik's Cube with just three algorithms!
So, did you solve it no problem? Let me know in the comments below!
Ready to move on to a larger cube?
A 3x3 Rubik's Cube has the same lingo as the 2x2. There will be 8 basic moves, 6 algorithms,
and seven stages.
#1. White cross #2. White corners
#3. The middle layer #4. The yellow cross
#5. The yellow edges #6. The yellow corners
#7. The final stage
#1. White cross
There are no algorithms solving the white cross. You just have to go with your intuition
and rotate the side layers to get there. This is the very first and the easiest stage of
solving the cube. You can check if the edges are in the correct position using the central
elements of the cube. Try to keep the cube white side down, it will make things easier
in the next stages.
#2. White corners
You can put the corners of a 3x3 cube into place using the same algorithms as for the
2x2 one.
If the white part of the corner is facing right, use the first fingertrick.
If it's facing you, then go with the second one.
If the white part is facing up, try using any of the algorithms until it's in the right
Let's try it on a real cube.
Take the corner that you want to put in the right place and move it so it's above the
desired position. To check it, you can rotate the right or frontal face so that the corner
falls into place, then put it back up and use one of the algorithms depending on where
the white part is.
#3. The middle layer
You are going to need two algorithms to solve this one. The right and the left center rotation.
Because you are a pro with all the algorithms already, this should be no big deal.
Let's see how it works.
The task is to put the four edges of the middle layer in the right place. Let's find the element
that must be moved to the middle layer and align the colors with the center of the middle
layer. Use the right or the left algorithm depending on the situation. If the edge you
need is in the middle layer but not in its place, just use any of the algorithms to knock
it out of there.
#4. The yellow cross
For the yellow cross, you are only going to need one algorithm. If it doesn't work out
the first time, keep trying until you get the yellow cross.
There you go. Let's see how it works.
Front face clockwise, right face clockwise, upper face clockwise, right face counter clockwise,
upper face counter clockwise, and front face clockwise.
#5. The yellow edges
Here's an algorithm that shifts the two central edges of the upper layer that are in a diagonal
line. There is a number two next to U in the algorithm here. It means you should turn it
twice. It might look confusing but it's easier done than said. How often does that happen?
Let's align the central edges of the top layer with the cube's centers, at least two colors
have to match. If the two colors are next to each other, only use the algorithm once.
If they are opposite each other, use the algorithm twice.
If four colors are matching – congrats! You can skip this stage.
#6. The yellow corners
If you're getting tired, no worries, you're almost there! To put the corners in the right
places, we're going to use the corner swapping algorithms that moves three corners clockwise.
Enough said, let me show you how it works.
Right face counter clockwise, front face counter clockwise, left face counter clockwise, front
face clockwise, right face clockwise, front face counter clockwise, left face clockwise,
front face clockwise.
Using this algorithm, you can get the corners in the right positions in any situation. Keep
going as many times as you have to until you make it.
#7. Final stage
Are you still there? We're at the finish line. Now you have to swap corners yellow side up
just like in a 2x2 cube.
The algorithm is simple. You’ve gotta keep going until the yellow part is on top. Without
changing the cube's position, turn the upper layer moving the next corner you want to get
in place. Eventually, it will all be done.
Let's try it on a real cube.
Right face clockwise, front face counter clockwise, right face counter clockwise, front face clockwise.
If it seems like you're only making it worse, no worries. It's just an illusion. Kinda like
me. Mu-wha-ha-ha!! Keep using the algorithm until it works!
Once again. And again.
And congratulations! You've made it!
Hey, if you learned something new today, then give the video a like and share it with a
friend! And here are some other videos I think you'll enjoy. Just click to the left or right,
and stay on the Bright Side of life!


How to Solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube in a Minute | The Quickest Tutorial

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