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  • I felt from time for looking for head to day three at the festival.

  • I'll keep my first tip.

  • Very simple was a while ago, I was asked to nominate my flag up my best better the meeting and I came for men in the Ryanair Chase, and now we're the day itself.

  • Nothing has changed her mind.

  • I think he should be favor on form Apple Tarts and becoming horse.

  • And clearly it's not inconceivable he could improve past men.

  • But I'll be happy to take my chances at the current prices around 11 before on, but more often than horses, with men's profile and so many solid top efforts against the clock, a gray one level would would win in this kind of scenario.

  • And I'm happy to stay strong with him.

  • Moving on.

  • The Martian, obviously, is Chase under take on the favorite here again because I think they got the market sort of lopsided.

  • If you think of the great enormous chases that Sheldon, the four of them the last five festivals, 65% of the winners have been trained in Ireland.

  • That's a reflection of the fact that the Irish in obvious Chase Division that just tends to be so much more strength in depth.

  • I think it's been the same this winter that won the article on the National Chase on Tuesday on the two wars through the best form in this race, a mere 15 and Sam Crow now clearly that there are concerns about their suitability for Children.

  • 15.

  • On jumping SAMCRO Will you get up the hill given every finish last time, but I think it's been over compensated in the betting that both at around 6 to 1.

  • And to be honest, my advice to be back both of them.

  • 6 to 1.

  • You have a better chance of a return them back in the current favor.

  • Itchy feet.

  • Half those odds.

  • I'm here, I've got a net nominate one of the two, and I'm gonna go with Sam Crow.

  • Yes, he hasn't had quite the career.

  • We thought we were gonna have factories not total campaign to two years ago, but because he's bean those disappointments that overlooked the fact he's still a very, very good horse.

  • He will probably have beaten the arc over a rope two starts ago in the gym or giving him wait and I think that form is good enough.

  • Decide with here to say about the two.

  • But if you holding me down to one, I'll go for SAMCRO.

  • And then finally in the Kim, your little horse with previous festival winning form Labroy, he's got Jamie caught on board.

  • I think he's doing better heart than his recent form.

  • Figures said Yes, Ben Paul in a two room well on Tuesday around seven or 1 52 tour that he's the way to go.

I felt from time for looking for head to day three at the festival.


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チェルトナム・フェスティバルのヒント。3日目 (Cheltenham Festival tips: Day three)

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