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  • Hey, guys.

  • Christina here with Jenna.

  • Dewan Tatum, How are you?

  • I'm so good.

  • Let's talk fashion.

  • What are you looking forward to for full?

  • I love anything high waisted and tailored.

  • I'm really into that look right now I'm hoping cargo pants and us on silly, but I'm really hoping like the cargo was coming back.

  • I think it is.

  • It was like a really strong staple in my early to think.

  • Everything kind of comes back and starts come back.

  • I'm looking forward to that because I work with Danskin as well.

  • I legitimately love that athleisure sort of day tonight.

  • Look, and I'm I'm looking a lot, and I'm seeing people wearing more.

  • Um, no, the leggings and the different sports where during the day and putting boots on and heels for night.

  • And so it's like I'm really a lot of the stuff the trends are happening or things that I often did.

  • We do, right?

  • Unlike a day to day basis.

  • Are you Maura at leisure, where you kind of always since Everly, I used to say to us I'm gonna have kids and still wear heels, you know, very second she was born.

  • I was like, You are not putting the heel of my body during the day.

  • It's just not happening like I am.

  • Then I dropped out of school.

  • I go do all my work meetings and things.

  • I'm running around, so I have to find things that are well.

  • I still liked to look in a chic in court and feel good.

  • Yeah, but they have a long gone are the days of skirts and heels, and dress is during the day.

  • You now see me and leg layers.

  • A good tennis shoe, a good sneakers, like very everything.

  • Yeah.

  • Is she starting to develop her own sense of style?

  • Yes, everyone is a mini stylist.

  • She loves to tell me what where.

  • She also only wore purple for a whole year.

  • Really?

  • Yes, she dresses herself in the morning, she goes out, and she thinks she knows what goes together.

  • But it's funky, funky sense of style.

  • And, um, yeah, she She comes to my fittings of Brad, and she totally voices her opinions.

  • She always liked the sparkles, of course, but sometimes she tells us we need different shoes to needs a different shoe.

  • She's got a very strong sense of self.

  • I loved what I saw in an interview that Channing did.

  • She colored issues.

  • Yeah, she did your makeup.

  • You're wearing a Everly Relief original.

  • This is a tradition.

  • Yeah.

  • He gave her a pair of Converse like a white parents.

  • She was painted him and does whatever should, But it's good.

  • You got a color me mine, and she'll do one of the mugs, and it's like I could sell this.

  • I mean, it's really start really good, I say.

Hey, guys.


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ジェナ・デューワン・テイタム、娘のエバリー(4歳)の「ファンキー」なスタイルを語る (Jenna Dewan Tatum Says Daughter Everly, 4, Has ‘Funky’ Style)

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