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  • I've always found Business and Law really interesting. I wanted to

  • understand how businesses work and what makes the economy tick so I think those

  • two degrees went hand-in-hand and made sense to me.

  • My name is Lisa Mizeko and I'm an external auditor at KPMG.

  • Within my year twelve year, my career advisor told me about Southern Cross University and how

  • they had the Star Early Entry program which meant before sitting my final exam

  • I knew I had a place and I thought that was great.

  • I found the lecturers at Southern Cross pretty, I suppose, they were people if

  • that makes sense I was able to approach them when I had questions they gave me

  • the confidence and the knowledge and understanding that I needed to know what

  • my opportunities were and what I needed to do to be successful.

  • I was lucky enough to go to China, Singapore and Hong Kong through Southern Cross University.

  • Two of those were study tours and the other one was an exchange program where

  • I got to study for six months. Those experiences gave me the confidence to be

  • able to know what I wanted to do and gave me the experiences that I need to

  • be able to do my job today.

  • I would really recommend students to take the

  • opportunities to go overseas simply because you learn so much you make so

  • many new friends and those are experiences which you'll treasure forever.

  • I finished my undergraduate last year and within the nine months since

  • finishing I've had so much experience. I feel like Southern Cross definitely

  • gave me the skills the knowledge and the level of thinking that I need to

  • actually do my job effectively. I'm excited to see where the experiences

  • from Southern Cross will take me and I think I've got a bright future ahead and

  • I'm excited to seize the opportunities.

I've always found Business and Law really interesting. I wanted to


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サザンクロス大学を卒業したリサ・ミゼコはグローバルなキャリアを追求している (Southern Cross University graduate Lisa Mizeko is pursuing a global career)

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