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Jasmine's fierce, resilient, ambitious, funny, loyal, conspiratorial.
We're all going through something in life, and I think we can all relate to Caesar.
How already pushes through everything I admire that she sees people not understanding current people, judging her off the bat, and she doesn't change him.
She is for that.
Once you get to know Spooky, you see that he's a very caring person.
And if you can get past that wall, he's a writer day.
Jamal's energy paired with my energy would be catastrophic.
So for the greater good, I could not be Jamal's friend.
I can't believe you.
I would absolutely want to be her friend because I think we all need a mon.
Say someone who's straightforward, keeps in 100 at all times Do that.
I say this a lot, but if you don't know what Jasmine, it's because you are the jasmine.
She's a badass, and she wears her heart on her sleeve.
You can't not want to be friends with that.
I would definitely want to be friends.
Season your life.
I would take him away from Free Ridge.
Go hang out, maybe go skateboard or something.
What I envy about Ruby the most is that when he sets his sights on something, he really goes after it.
And I drive to be more like that job.
Chop chop me spooky.
His biggest flaw would have to be his pride.
Okay, Cheating on Mon Say you could suck a But you know, I think the kid's got too big bar.
Jamal's just relentless.
I'm gonna break down to ST Door for biggest character flaw.
What character flaw?
So Ruby needs a happy ending.
It's inevitable that he becomes this huge party planning business owner.
How we gotta roll up our sleeves and get dirty here.
I think that he would become a mad scientist being evil genius and take over the world.
That's what I would do.
Maybe explore her father sytems family, really get in touch with who she is and get married and have a couple of Baba's may be living on a farm with some go cows horses now, getting just living a good life.


On My Block: Season 3 | Inside The Characters | Netflix

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 13 日 に公開
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