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  • It's somebody called Who are you?

  • I'm so pleased to meet you.

  • No one they call in down to strain their street mixing with pretty much careful anything that has to do with strength.

  • So they call me anything else.

  • But I've been places I handled many cases concerning.

  • I've fixed the strings of kings.

  • Princess is found in this dream that I give them my phone number and I say strings Anything.

  • I could probably fix it.

  • Yes, thanks.

  • And mandolin.

  • And of course, I fixed violence strain.

  • Doctor Street is a vixen Riffle vision.

  • Pretty much careful thing that has to do with string.

  • Why else with it string ending string lending strength, string really ending thing Sting the ending string stinking ending.

  • A strange thing.

It's somebody called Who are you?


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アンドリュー・バード(ドクター・ストリングス役 (Andrew Bird as Doctor Strings)

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