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  • To me,

  • she represents all the secrets of this world

  • "The Garden of Words"

  • Directed by Makoto Shinkai ofThe Voices of a Distant Star,” “5 Centimeters per second,” “Children who Chase Lost Voices

  • Well,

  • we might see each other again

  • when it's raining

  • Unplanned Rendezvous On Rainy Days

  • She must think of a 15-year-old like me as just a little kid

  • - A Boy Who Makes Shoes -

  • I'm 27 but I don't feel that I got any cleverer

  • - And a Woman Who’s trying to Walk Again - Compared to myself 12 years ago

  • You are always like that

  • you never say what's important,

  • pretending that it's not your problem

  • and live on like that

  • alone!!

  • A Story of Solitude and Heartache That Comes before Love

  • Unconcerned about getting soaked from the pouring rain

  • The sight of you splashing through puddles disappears

  • Morning comes quicker in the back alleys...

  • I decided to make shoes that will make her want to

  • walk a lot in

  • "The Garden of Words"

To me,


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『言の葉の庭』 予告篇 "The Garden of Words" Trailer (『言の葉の庭』 予告篇 "The Garden of Words" Trailer)

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