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Let's take it to China now when you figure show the number of people killed by the virus.
The Corona virus jumped by 97 on Sunday, the highest number of casualties in the day.
It brings the total number of people affected in China to more than 40,000 and 908 deaths.
Thousands of people are under medical observation.
There is a much smaller number of cases in other countries around the globe.
27 other countries and territories are now affected by the Corona virus.
Let's take you to Shanghai and join the BBC's Robin Brandt.
Who is there?
Give us a sense of what it was like in Shanghai today and another Chinese cities, whether people went back to work or stayed at home.
We're here in Shanghai, the commercial capital, usually home to 24 million people.
It was supposed to be the first day back, but I have to say itwas a trickle.
The banks remain closed.
Most of the shops remain close.
There's a small number of people out there, but there are clearly a lot of anxieties amongst people living here in Shanghai and the numbers of those coming back is almost certainly going to be staggered as well.
So I mean, the center of the city is service sector heavy.
So there has been a lot of working from home directives that have gone out from the company's both private on public on the outskirts of the city.
It's more production heavy in particular in the automobile industry.
We understand that VW and it's Chinese partner.
They intended to get back to work today, but on the whole, it's been a trickle on.
We have also seen at the same time tougher restrictions come into place in terms of getting into compounds, lanes where people live and also buildings were seeing temperature checks.
They're very frequent need to produce identification as well.
There are restrictions on people who don't live in places going into those places.
So it's a problem to have guests.
A cz well, so on the whole, the first day back is pretty much a trickle on, and clearly it's going to be staggered over a longer period of time.
Because when it comes to these massive cities like Shanghai, what the authorities air really, really worried about is that return exodus of millions and millions of people after this extended Lunar New Year break and the potential that brings for more spread and in terms off the figures robin of those who are contracting the virus and also deaths to Are we starting to see any reliable trends?
Well, I mean, I think the key word in your question there is reliable.
I mean, the caveat here is that we have to take it face value.
These official figures from the Chinese government we don't have any others.
The constant anecdotal evidence emanating from Wuhan, the epicenter city in the province around it, people being turned away for treatment, people going home, whole suedes of families being infected There are they being counted in terms of the government figures like the death toll keeps increasing, and also the number of people are confirmed to be infected.
But it would appear, perhaps a glimmer of hope, that the trend in terms of cases of people infected outside of who bay in particular may well have peaked.
But the caveat here is that we have to take them at face value the W H.
Warning yesterday they still believe China is in the middle of a very intense outbreak.


Coronavirus kills 97 in deadliest day so far - BBC News

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