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I mean, everyone said that Megan would modernize the family, that they were into the real world, and they wouldn't be the kind of stuffy old English institution that they were, and it's turned out to be wrong.
That's the extraordinary thing.
Do you see similarities between the way Megan has been treated by the royal family and the way that Diana was treated as well as relative outsider?
It is it.
Indeed, what's happened with Megan now is it that the people in the firm can't deal with women?
And that wouldn't surprise me their English, after all, The English have never really liked women terribly, but they certainly haven't helped her.
So the writing's been on the wall for some time that she was an outsider in every sense here.
But there's possibly why Harry fell for her.
They was looking for a way out.
I don't see it is giving anything up.
I just see it is a change in your chapter.
Do you think Harry and Meghan are a little bit delusional at times?
What you're asking me is if I think that exaggerated their own importance in the world that there actually are just figureheads they're not even figures their sixth in line to be a figurehead, which isn't terrific.
I think there may have miscalculated, and I think they may slide into complete obscurity.
If you actually look at the vast panoply of raw of royal relatives, many of them are completely obscure.
There have been drilled.
They won't do silly things like try and chatter to people when they're standing on the royal balcony, which is one of the things that Megan did.
But then Megan thought she was amongst friends wrong.
She was not.
What does the future hold for the bus?
Will there be a rapprochement?
Will they come back to England?
I don't think they can come back to England now.
I mean, they really burnt their bridges and they put up the shutters around frog No cottage, which is no more cottage than I am.
So that's it.
Good riddance to them.
You think they're not welcome back here right now?
I don't think they would be welcome back here.
Know how would they do it?
I mean, how could they come back and say we made a big mistake in Canada's horrible be the biggest humble pie in history.
I think they're more likely to fade into the kind of obscurity that effects the junior members of the royal family already.
Hello, I'm Tara Brown.
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A fractured Royal family: Germaine Greer's prediction comes true | 60 Minutes Australia

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