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  • What's up?

  • You guys working back to my channel today?

  • I am going to be serving you some iconic songs of all time like not the new music, not this new generation, but only the old classics must iconic song.

  • What's a better to start with, then?

  • The legend itself.

  • Madonna, Vogue.

  • I think it's one of the most iconic songs of all time.

  • The funny thing is, I just discovered it.

  • I never that song existed on Apparently, everybody knows about it except me.

  • So that was number 10 in our today's playlist.

  • The next most legendary song, The Whole Time on DDE in the whole universe must go to Britney Spears Baby one more time.

  • Next song in our latest number, counterfeiting me because I'm driving.

  • I can't focus on making content while driving Ma.

  • I can only show you so the number eight in our countdown players.

  • Whitney Houston the Queen off high notes like Pop stars are shook to the ground like Ariana Grande.

  • Who, My car Who?

  • Whitney Houston.

  • I will always love you.

  • The next song would have to go.

  • I know this one is kind of kind of new, not on old iconic literally iconic old song.

  • But it must go to Katy Perry because she created one of the most fun hits in the period of time.

  • Future and Snap Dog.

  • Some California Goes Summer.

  • Wait, all right.

  • Next Must iconic songs of all time would have to go to the legend.

  • Only the legend, the one and only Lady Gaga Poker Face Bays are next.

  • Most iconic song The whole time would have to go to another queen.

  • Legend.

  • Shakira.

  • We've heard of Song Hips.

  • Don't Theo Way with next most iconic song.

  • Whole Time would have to go to Insing with the song by by Body the next song.

  • A very annoying song, to be honest, but it's very catchy and everybody everyone loves it because it's like a girl.

  • National anthem Write The song is by Spice Girls Wanna Be if you guys haven't gets it yet.

  • Yeah, the next song is by Justin Timberlake's SexyBack.

  • I personally love this song because I'm a huge way.

  • Okay, so the next song is the master off legend nous on the one and only Michael Jackson with the sauce on Bt Genes.

  • So let's hear it.

  • It's just admit it.

  • It's one of the most.

  • I'm starting to get emotional because I really love this man.

  • I really love this artist on.

  • I really appreciate his heart, and it's too bad he died the next most iconic song on our playlist, saying The Looper Girls just wanna have fun.

  • It's a lot of fun Song, just like a girl.

  • Antam, by seeing a girl ain't him by seeing a girl stuff, but girly songs have a lot of fun.

  • A lot of fun lives on.

  • That doesn't mean the only boys should listen to that.

  • Everybody, everyone, me boys goes your dog, your cat, your grandma Weather wants to have fun.

  • So that wasn't really guys for our today's video, And I'm going to be stopping the car because I run out of songs.

  • I run out of iconic songs.

  • There's no more iconic sense.

  • I'm just getting There's a lot off other iconic songs.

  • Please don't come from me for not including your favorite artists.

  • I know there's a lot of more iconic songs on iconic singers.

  • It's just because this video is a playlist off 10 countdown off 10 songs.

  • I would be making other videos on other iconic songs like Beyonce say I haven't forgot anyone.

  • Okay?

  • So watch out for the next video where I'm going to be doing another playlist for you guys.

  • If you guys enjoyed this video and enjoy this kind of content, make sure to tell me in common tumble.

  • So make sure to subscribe on.

  • Turn the notifications on so you'll get notified whenever I uploaded a new video like the video.

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