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Oh, my God, Theo, be Jay Garner opinions about Gordon Bennett that maybe people didn't happen exactly on the job.
You know what, buddy?
But you got the O is going in the big gun.
Maybe I got beat up in this.
Yeah, about a t t o Wait.
Yeah, but the Neptune under the 58 59% use your news money, but we should be touching that part because we can't be beat 26 36 0 my God.
I love this story.
Did our job and incumbency Roman candle beyond anybody?
Second way.
Oh, my God.
I think about it.
It's not the someone Mom.
Or do they know Theo Paquito Only Postal 20 be Deputy Morgan Kira radio anymore.
I got PMT counting about.
They're gonna be chippy Peter Bob Dicke.
Lydia Number organs are just as important a chance.
Did they give you a ticket?
Do three seats.
Obviously he can't get the stick or divert the PCT Any extra support?
Alice Parker.
Maybe that anybody data.
Yeah, but it's not like TT scattered LTCB retain.
Retain that.
But it would be difficult to press off.
Ho got your charges important her charges that he was a kid.
Somebody's got to go.
Call puts its surrender.
Come on.
I'm gonna be particle.
Get But so Paul Ryan gonna say be chippy.
I guess it would be hard to get past The guard said you tender margin for Sergey.
OK, Seema Police say Rajinder pal got about B J.
Pick an illegal Krishna nagar again on Lakshmi Nagar.
Samet be particulate in God we trust bacon that Dorsey again again in a different wing are kept with him to see job BJ picket this wrong with me?


Delhi Election Results: Early Trends Give AAP The Lead As Votes Are Counted In The National Capital

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