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  • older Siri except in the burn unit.

  • Say sorry for my take a part of parcel a game he hardly to be a part of their Syriac single.

  • No one you wanna give us.

  • I think sometimes these two happens.

  • Sometimes these things happens.

  • You get emotional because so much at stake they tried the best, wasn't good.

  • Whatever happened wasn't good.

  • I think it's not not good for cricket as well.

  • It doesn't look right.

  • I think I think in future you gotta be careful.

  • I'll tell you what happened.

  • It should not be happening on Dhe.

  • I don't know what exactly happened.

  • I even I didn't ask, but what?

  • What they're going on.

  • But you know, in the final emotion can come out on Dhe sometimes and sometimes it, you know it was getting on.

  • The boys are getting pumped.

  • So I think that the emotion or came in coming through, I'll say I'll say that the youngster all said it should not be happening in any position, in any in any manner.

  • We have to show the restricted our opponents and we should have the respect of the game because the kicker is going for the gentleman games.

older Siri except in the burn unit.


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B'desh Skipper Says After Ugly Spat With India in U-19 WC Final|ザ・クイント (B'desh Skipper Says Sorry After Ugly Spat With India in U-19 WC Final | The Quint)

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