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  • tonight.

  • Frustration growing over testing for the virus here in the U.

  • S.

  • President Trump has said that everyone who needs to be tested can be tested.

  • The vice president promising some four million tests by the end of this week.

  • But tonight, ABC, Steve O's and Sammy at the CDC with a reality check.

  • This is how they're handling the need for Corona virus tests in Colorado, setting up drive throughs to get people tested.

  • But they still don't have enough for everyone, and you need a doctor's note to get one.

  • All across the country, state health authorities say they don't have enough tests.

  • The White House is saying that there's plenty when people need a test.

  • They can get a test when the professionals needed test when they test for people they could get the test.

  • Over a 1,000,000 tests are thanks to the diligent work.

  • CDC HHS more than four million.

  • We'll go out this week in Massachusetts.

  • They've declared a state of emergency, and Dr Todd Ellen says he believes he has patients there who are sick with the Corona virus but says he has no way to test them.

  • Right now.

  • We're really limited in the demand for testing far aways with the state's capacity is in China.

  • The W H O says the government there has given out at least 300,000 tests at the epicenter of the outbreak in South Korea.

  • The government says they've administered more than 200,000 tests.

  • But here in America, roughly 9000 tests have been administered since the Corona virus first appeared stateside.

  • New York State is going to take matters into its own hand.

  • We can't just wait anymore.

  • UH, it's compounding the problem.

  • State health authorities say that part of the problem is also the processing of these tests.

  • That there aren't enough resource is people or laboratories to process the number of tests that they're expecting to come in.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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州の保健当局は、彼らが十分なテストを持っていないと言う l ABCニュース (State health authorities say they don't have enough tests l ABC News)

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