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I'm gonna one box of pizza.
My name is Brad Hall, and I am very excited about this.
Blue stepped out and I kind of let me happiness seat and I talked to Jack and he said I could unbox whatever I wanted.
I really wanted to eat something.
And I love pizza.
I'm gonna be on boxing.
A pizza.
Very sturdy.
It's got air holes here.
Here we go.
Nice hinge.
And look at that pie.
Look at that pie.
That looks nice.
Wilting going on.
Nice pockets of cheese.
Pretty good paper placement.
Now, like this crust, you can tell hand tossed.
Listen, song, I know you can hear.
That's what the crust sounds like.
Look at how this separates that.
It just pulls apart so easily.
And now this is something that I always look at with pizza is how did they distribute the toppings?
You can see it's not very even on this one.
Thes two pieces.
Do you have the wilted greens?
This'll one's got a tiny one, but that is not sufficient.
And this one has none.
So that is the weakling.
I just want to get that in place.
That doesn't cause a problem.
I'm gonna do a classic fold, and then just It's so soft.
You almost don't have to use your teeth.
The crust gets a little bit firmer.
Not right now.
What's that?
What's over there?
Back to the pizza.
Moving on to slice number two.
This one has that wilted green.
Yeah, down.
Maybe later.
Real spiciness.
It's a It's a zesty pie.
I'm gonna keep moving.
Give it that classic fold on gum and live it.
Very similar flavors as the 1st 2 slices.
Then we're gonna move on to the biggest slice.
Slice number four, the finale.
I got a lot of cheese on that one.
I like that.
And I'm gonna give the crust to try light and spongy and crossed, like, very good.
I'm gonna meet it like a pair of lips.
Slice number three and four.
I can feel the powder on my lips.
So that was Unboxing A pizza.
My name is Brad Hall.
Lou will be back at some point, but until then, enjoy a pizza pie.
Always good to have leftovers A lot.
Eat for dinner.
I always say, Stop eating.
When you're on the brink of feeling full, then you're gonna get hungry again.
Then you'll eat again.
Is it down?
Stop it!


Unboxing a pizza

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