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  • have more results coming in right now.

  • ABC News can project that Bernie Sanders is going to win the state of Utah.

  • Bernie Sanders is winning the state of Utah tonight.

  • He we clobber Hillary Clinton there four years ago, win again over Joe Biden there tonight.

  • But in the state of Minnesota, and this is something of a surprise.

  • Joe Biden has won the state of Minnesota.

  • Of course, that was Senator Amy Klobuchar, home state.

  • She dropped out of the race yesterday, endorsed Joe Biden.

  • Look what has happened.

  • He has won the state of Minnesota.

  • Nate Silver here with us tonight, you said.

  • This is a big one.

  • It's a really big one.

  • It's by far the biggest upset so far.

  • We see Sanders now winning a state that are losing a state that he won in 2016.

  • It's a state in the North, a state that neighbors Wisconsin, which is a key primary down the road.

  • There's no good news here at all for Bernie and Rahm Emanuel.

  • This is this is likely to continue the dynamic we saw since South Carolina, the Democratic establishment, at least grounding wagons around Joe Biden.

  • Let me have one other fact, Minnesota does not have a big or significant African American vote.

  • So for Joe Biden to wind up here without a core piece of his coalition is a big statement.

  • And again, Borders has noted Wisconsin without a doubt.

  • I think that what you're gonna see in the next week is the establishment saying, We don't want to mess in Milwaukee.

  • Let's move quickly and they're gonna call us around.

  • Joe Biden will have its own.

  • That's what I would have bet on that.

  • The question we're gonna see there.

  • Then there's a creator.

  • Does it create a backlash?

  • Does it create a backlash than among Bernie Sanderssupporters?

  • You know, I think one we have not seen yet.

  • Bernie take on biting directly.

  • He's been very kind.

  • He's been, but we just saw it.

  • We just saw more and more of that to come.

  • He's been taking on all of these folks.

  • There's a lot of money that's been spent by moderates against Bernie Sanders, which I didn't get to say Yeah today.

  • So $4 million at least we know against Bernie Sanders, from the moderate wing of the party, got 140 progressive organizations that have not yet weighed in on this race that are going to consolidate the next couple days, that force is gonna come down, perhaps on the side of Bernie Sanders, Heidi and then John Me.

  • I think that Minnesota might be the first date where you see a large amount of organized labor voters.

  • Organized labor Voters are a big part of the Minnesota primary electorate.

  • Well, that shift through the Wisconsin Michigan, you know, into the North in the old industrial in Northwest and I want to bring.

  • That's a big point.

  • I want to be that Matthew Dad, Michigan also one of your one of your other home, home way saw.

  • We saw Bernie Sanders made really making the pitch to the state of Michigan and in many ways, with that, with that speech he was giving in in Burlington and would not project for their head because we still have a few more states and adding up delegates.

  • But to me, the next battleground mother's 45 states next week.

  • Next a week from today, another series of states Michigan was a state that was very, very close in 2016.

  • Exceedingly close.

  • It's a state, rural and urban, African American, white, smaller Latino population.

  • That, to me is the next huge battleground between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

  • Just a couple of was, first of all in Minnesota.

  • I think this is the biggest surprise of the night.

  • And I think if you had asked Biden Campaign where they thought they were gonna win, I don't think that Minnesota was was very certainly not before Sunday.

  • And, you know, and then the other thing is, I still see a bit of the hidden hand of Barack Obama here.

  • I don't know.

  • We don't know how important the Amy Klobuchar endorsement.

  • Waas Um, but here's something George Barack Obama spoke to both Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buddha Judge when they got out, and they both moved very quickly to endorse Joe Biden.

  • Now you know, I don't know that he went and told them, Look, you got to do this now.

  • But those facts are undeniable.

  • He spoke to both of them as they got out, and they very quickly moved to get behind Joe Biden.

  • I see.

  • I see the hidden hand bronco, and as you think about the power of those endorsements now playing out tonight.

  • It is remarkable when you think about the fact that Joe Biden has not spent a lot of time, if any, in some of these states that he is now winning.

  • Up until just a few days ago, he hadn't been the Super Tuesday state in more than a month, perhaps that the strategy for doing well.

  • But it is just remarkable, especially when you consider how much money and time Bloomberg spent building operations.

  • So many of these hi everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.

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  • Thanks for watching.

have more results coming in right now.


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