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  • here when this guy's d'oh!

  • I know.

  • Oh, but I do.

  • Oh, I wish I was.

  • Did you?

  • It's true way show.

  • I was there with you.

  • She was with you.

  • You be Beyer Manyatta and out via been 15 years.

  • Cool.

  • Yeah, The video yourself.

  • Come, Superboy.

  • Ex cop How deserve that sort of scare?

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  • Supergrass me at super off Osama Nok Dune And who can secure area in the hope of boredom Stance?

  • That's right Dual duel with Thio Theo his eat Hey, wrist up a podium stuff like, um do.

  • I think you're perfect.

  • Meltem Performer Mood Ooh, Elaine, It is not in your mind.

  • You're Hoeft Documents on the accident had been elected ing It been a cool chick the year alone.

  • The podium either.

  • Do you looking for a rock, Mike?

  • A selfie male name of avoiding Theo Smooth feel.

  • Hell, yeah.

  • You knew the lich stickers on the Keys and that's V the culture.

  • And then Dr Egg stopped any made by my way of doing Stop monkey court?

  • Yeah, my heart broke, kid.

  • Masterful.

  • Yeah.

  • Dollars.

  • Those are taken in for a super set out That water must begin.

  • The metals can take it.

  • And Mitzi Selfie said with feeling gil for food, get itself Actor Right Zo blade out for my goes his Uh yeah, it didn't say Hi, Mike.

here when this guy's d'oh!


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Jade - 'Homesick' |ブラインドオーディション|ザ・ヴォイスキッズ|VTM (Jade - 'Homesick' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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