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  • Hello. I'm Jane Goodall, and I'm really truly sorry I can't be with you in Madison in person today

  • to take part in this Conserving the Future Conference

  • because I know how important it's going to be.

  • Let me start by bringing into this gathering, a voice from the forest just to remind us

  • of all those animals we seek to protect. The distant greeting call of the wild chimpanzee

  • Hello

  • A conference like this, which brings together so many of the leaders and dedicated employees and supporters

  • of the National Wildlife Refuge and Fish and Wildlife Service, is an important and rare opportunity

  • to help keep the future of conservation.

  • It's really hard to believe that it's been 50 years since I began my study of chimpanzee behavior

  • in what's now Gombe National Park in Tanzania.

  • That research continues, but as most of you know

  • I'm no longer actively involved in field work. Instead, I'm traveling 300 days a year talking to people

  • politicians, businesses and scientists, children in many countries. Persuading them of the

  • importance of caring for all those other than human species, and the wilderness areas where they live.

  • Those who seek to conserve the natural world must often make sacrifices, working long hours for

  • seemingly little reward. I truly commend each and every one of you for your dedication

  • Especially as we who care seem to be fighting such an uphill battle against huge forces.

  • Global warming, habitat destruction, human population growth, extinction of species.

  • I don't have to tell you about these and

  • all the other horrific threats facing animals and the environment

  • we all share. And it makes it that much worse knowing that we humans being responsible for

  • most of the problems. The problems that now, we must try to solve together.

  • Is there, in fact, hope for our planet? For our children and future generations?

  • This is what I'm asked again and again. Of course there really is a lot of gloom and doom out there,

  • but there are also many innovative and effective conservation programs.

  • And so many amazingly inspired people who are rescuing animal and plant species from the

  • the very brink of extinction, restoring habitats and even entire ecosystems. People who will

  • never give up. Let me mention one project that I know about just as an example.

  • In the early 90's, I flew in a small plane over the tiny 30 square mile Gombe National Park

  • and the area all around it. I was horrified to see the almost total destruction of the forests that had once

  • surrounded the park. Gombe was totally surrounded by cultivated fields, over farmed soil,

  • terrible erosion. More people were living there than the land could possibly support.

  • How to try to save the chimps when people were struggling to survive?

  • This led to the Jane Goodall Institute's TACARE Program, instigated to improve the lives of

  • the people living around Gombe in a holistic way. We respected their priorities.

  • We started by helping them to grow more food and improve health facilities and their children's education.

  • Then we introduced watershed management, sustainable use of water and the fuel-efficient stoves.

  • We started microcredit programs, especially for women, scholarships for girls

  • and provided family planning information. It was difficult at first to gain cooperation from the local people.

  • But today they have hope for the future. They've become effective stewards of the land,

  • and they're helping us to restore not only their own environment, but also the forest habitat

  • of the chimpanzees. In other words, we found that an integrated approach to conservation

  • is what works. And so we're replicating TACARE methods in other parts of Africa.

  • It would be absolutely useless for any of us to work to conserve animals and wilderness if we

  • weren't educating new generations to be better stewards than we'd be.

  • That's why 20 years ago I started the Roots and Shoots Program that encourages young people

  • to learn about environmental and social problems and empowers them to take action

  • to solve those problems.

  • The program began in Tanzania with 12 high school students. Today the program is in

  • 126 countries, with some 16,000 active groups. And this involves young people from kindergarten

  • all through university. And more and more grownups are participating as well.

  • Every group works on projects in each of three areas:

  • to help people, to help animals and to help the environment. And running throughout is the theme of

  • let's learn to live in peace and harmony, not only with each other, but also with the natural world.

  • The main message of Roots and Shoots? Every one of us makes a difference every day.

  • Every one of us has a role to play. We are growing new generations of committed citizens

  • dedicated to creating a better world. Citizens who share similar values, who understand

  • that while we need money to live, we should not live for money.

  • So let's join hands with these enthusiastic and dedicated young people

  • to create a better world for the future generations. Let's join hearts, and dare to show that we care

  • for those with whom we share or should share the planet. That animals and wilderness areas

  • are important in their own light. There is hope for the future,

  • but only if all of us from all countries and all walks of life take action and help in whatever way we can.

  • Before it's too late.

  • Finally, I'm so very appreciative of all that you participants are already doing. I feel hopeful that

  • this conference in Madison will be a true landmark in conservation strategy.

  • And that the outcome of your discussions will provide new hope for the future of our

  • beleaguered planet Earth.

  • And thank you for giving me this chance to let you know that truly I am with you in spirit.

Hello. I'm Jane Goodall, and I'm really truly sorry I can't be with you in Madison in person today


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