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  • Yeah, this girl was very special.

  • I mean, coming off a memento from last year.

  • Still tighten it.

  • We know each other a lot more than the last year with a lot of growing.

  • And so I'm very, very excited for this year on.

  • You know, people are all in, You know, we're lifting a lot more than your last year.

  • Conditioning.

  • We're going each other during practice.

  • One not so like it's really good.

  • So far, so good.

  • So our phrase this year as a team is grabbing or has a lot of different meetings.

  • You know, you think about Cruz teams as they grab in order, row the boat.

  • It's, you know, it's the whole crew in the boat that's working together, and that's kind of our mantra this year is that we're all in this together.

  • You know, it's my first time as a head coach.

  • Josh Estes and Michael repeals my assistance.

  • They've been awesome, but it's kind of their first time going through this whole thing, too.

  • So it's new new for us in the coaching staff.

  • It's all new stuff on new voices and new faces for our guys, delish in two and see every day.

  • So it's gonna take every single one of us, you know, buying into what we're doing.

  • And, you know, like we like we say, as a team, grabbing a war in row on and it's it's gonna take all of us working together because if you're in, if you're in a boat in one, guys off sink or whatever it is, it's not gonna work.

  • So grabbing or is kind of our monster this year kind of talks about everyone being in it together and working together through everything.

  • I love these guys.

  • Since day one, I've been best friends with Josh on Tommy, and you know, having such a close group really helps our team chemistry on the court.

Yeah, this girl was very special.


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