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You look great.
Thank you.
You look great.
I haven't seen you in a long, long time.
It's been a long time.
I'm happy to see you again.
I'm happy to see you, too.
Your wife was here.
She's lovely.
She was.
I love Victoria.
And she said that you were still handsome.
I asked if you were still handsome.
Because it's been a while.
She's biased.
You could have let yourself go.
I don't know what's happening with you.
But she did say, unfortunately, that Romeo
inherited your dance moves and does not know how to dance.
Well, I thought I could dance, personally.
But Victoria has this tendency to-- when we're dancing,
I think I'm doing really good.
And most people think they're great dancers when
you're up there dancing, and after a couple of drinks,
of course.
But Victoria has this tendency to turn round to me mid dance
saying, are you OK there?
What are you doing?
Which then totally puts me off.
And then I walk off and go and sit down.
But Romeo actually can dance--
not as well as his other brothers.
But he can dance.
She says he can't (ENGLISH ACCENT) dance--
--or (ENGLISH ACCENT) can't dance.
00:01:00,000 --> 00:01:03,300 When you were here last, I think, your daughter
was just born.
Yeah, she was.
And she's now eight, nine?
She's eight.
She's nine in July.
I know.
And how is that?
Because you had a houseful of boys.
And I would think that she turns you to mush.
That's what I think.
She does.
She does.
I mean, the boys, obviously, give me a little bit of stick.
Because they know that any question
that they ask that they think I'm going to say no to,
they know they have to ask her to ask me.
Because I can't say no to her.
I think I only said no to her once.
And her bottom lip started shivering.
And I was like, never again.
Never again.
So, yeah, I mean, she's amazing.
You know, she's a little princess
with, obviously, Victoria.
She's a mommy's girl.
But also, she's a big daddy's girl,
which I'm over the moon about.
Well, because she plays soccer.
She does.
Is she good?
Is she athletic?
I would think that that would be natural.
I mean, I think she's the best.
I think she's the best.
So she is athletic.
She enjoys it.
And what do you think?
Are any of them musical?
Do they want to do--
Cruz is musical.
He loves to play the guitar.
He actually plays the mandolin--
Oh, wow.
--which is random.
Last time we were in LA, he was actually going into the studio.
Because you know, he's been working on a few things.
And he's enjoying hisself in the studio.
And he gets his time to play his music and write some music.
And he said, Daddy, I really want to get a mandolin.
And I couldn't work out whether it was those mandolin
that you get for breakfast or it was some guitar of some kind.
So he said, let me take you.
So I took him.
I got one for like $14.
And he then took it into the studio
and played this amazing song.
So he's passionate about it.
14-- did you go to a pawn shop?
Where did you get a mandolin for $14?
It was the Guitar Center.
Well, that's a good price for a mandolin.
Maybe I'll play.
Not everything is $14.99 in there or $14.
No, just a mandolin.
Because probably they're on sale,
because nobody plays them.
There's a whole bin of them or something.
So you were on Modern Family last week?
When was it?
A few weeks ago.
All right.
And how did that come about?
I'm a massive fan of the show.
It's a brilliant show.
And, you know, I have no inspiration of becoming--
Yeah, there it is.
I have no aspiration of becoming any kind of actor.
But I've become friends with Eric
from going to the Kings games.
And he mentioned it to me a few weeks before, and said,
you know, we have this idea.
What do you think?
And Jesse's also friends with Victoria.
And that's how kind of our relationship crossed the star.
That's fantastic.
But then Eric mentioned about me being in the show.
And, of course, I was like, yeah, I'd love to.
And I played myself, so it wasn't that difficult.
I loved-- it was a couple of years
ago-- but that documentary you shot of you riding motorbikes.
Yeah, in the Amazon.
It was really cool.
That was amazing.
I loved that.
That was amazing.
So Halloween, you went to Justin Bieber's house
to trick-or-treat with your kids.
How does that happen?
Well, we all follow Justin on Instagram, of course.
And we're all fans.
And we all love him.
And it was coming towards the end of our night
And the kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed
theirself a lot.
So on the way back, Romeo turned round to me.
He said, Justin's selling snow cones.
And I was like, really?
How do you know?
Well, giving snow cones away.
Like he's selling.
Sorry, not selling, giving, giving them away.
I've got to do that for trick-or-treat.
He wasn't selling them.
I'm going to sell candy.
So like he's giving snow cones away.
So I was like, OK.
They said, Dad, can you just contact him?
Come on.
You're who you are.
I'm sure he'll reply to you.
So I DMed him.
And he got back within like seconds.
And he said, yeah, we're doing it now.
So we were literally two minutes from the house.
So we went straight round there, turned up.
And we all got snow cones.
And trick-or-treated at Justin's house.
And trick-or-treated at Justin's house.
They love Justin so much.
I heard the boys--
when Harper was-- before she was born, they wanted to name her,
well, Justin if it was a boy--
Yeah, or Justine.
--or Justine if it was a girl.
What can I say?
Did that not work out?
00:05:19,998 --> 00:05:20,969 [CHEERING]
They wanted me to do it.
I got to go.
I got to go.
00:05:29,402 --> 00:05:31,882 Oh, man.
I really didn't think that was going to happen.
Do you know?
I know you all love him.
He's the most amazing human being.
Yes, he is.
He really is.
He's a good guy.
He really is.
You know, for someone to have achieved what he's achieved,
and still be an amazing person, and to be doing what
he's doing-- you know, he's always been--
I always gauge it off how people are to kids, to my kids.
And he has been so kind to my kids over the years.
It's great to see him, great to see him back.
I know.
I know.
I've missed him.
He's a good guy.
All right.
We'll take a break and more with David after this.


Justin Bieber Scares David Beckham

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