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Hi there. Welcome to Harry's World of Words and Phrases and English in a Minute. We're
now going to look at Phrasal Verbs using the verb WORK and the prepositions OUT, OFF, UP
and ON. So we'll take them one at a time. Let's first of all take WORK OUT. I am going
to work out a solution to this problem. So you're working on a crossword puzzle, you
can work out, you can find the solution. WORK OFF. We had a very good Christmas and New
Year, we put on a few extra kilos so we want to work off that weight. We want to go out
for a run and work it off. WORK UP means to get ready for something or prepare for something.
So we can say: "Let's go outside and have a good walk for 5 or 7 kilometres and we'll
work up an appetite. Meaning we'll become hungry so when we go home we can have a nice
meal. And then finally WORK ON to work on something. I am going to work on that project
all weekend cause I really need to finish it by Monday. Okay. So phrasal verbs using
the verb WORK and the prepositions ON, UP, OFF and OUT. Okay. So as always subscribe
to our Channel. And remember Join us on www.englishlessonviaskype.com and we'll catch up very soon.


前置詞で意味が全く変わる WORK の 4 つの慣用表現 (English Phrasal Verbs with WORK and their meanings)

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