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  • It has been a quite tough week since I have to fly over,

  • 13 hours flight.

  • Sometimes you still have jet lag.

  • And I would like to take more time to meet all the managers

  • the teams, the staff And also, I

  • would like to meet a lot of fans and try

  • to see whether we can improve the club in many aspects.

  • When I'm here, I'm trying to meet as many people

  • as I can so I can know many aspects and all

  • the details of everything in the club

  • and try to help keep [INAUDIBLE] until everything's right.

  • I had a very great meeting with the council of Birmingham

  • we are talking about

  • to redevelop the Villa Park area.

  • And even more, we also consider a opportunity

  • to invest more in Birmingham.

  • So there's a lot of things going on,

  • and it has been always a very busy week for me being here.

  • Well, the more and more, I feel I come back here--

  • just like coming back home now, you know?

  • And I think, if one day we take the club

  • back to where it should be, and I can complete my promise

  • to take this club back to one the great clubs in the world,

  • I think there will be a happy home for everyone and for me.




  • For now, I think we're almost past the most

  • challenging and difficult time because I

  • have a feeling we have a very good management team

  • and also it has a very good squad.

  • Everything is going in the right direction.

  • So yeah, I think always the beginning

  • will be the difficult time.

It has been a quite tough week since I have to fly over,


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