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Cuomo has declared a state of emergency in some western New York counties were severe.
Winter weather has left piles of snow.
The National Guard has been deployed to help.
Authorities say four people have died as a result of that storm, one in a car accident and three from heart attacks.
Travel is being called impossible, and Track has suspended service from Albany to Buffalo, Ontario, in Cleveland, and travel by car has been banned on a large section of the Thruway.
News 10.
ABC is Rachel Young Kunas drove out towards the storm.
Tonight, she joins us live just outside Rochester, not far from where the Thruway is.
Shut down.
Rachel, What are you seeing out there?
It's definitely no surprise that driving conditions up here are very bad.
Now this toll booth behind me, it's actually for 90 West.
It leads or connects to the throughway.
It is shut down.
Every single toll booth has a red X over it.
There's only one person in that booth, and that is to turn a way.
Now my photographer and I were actually headed towards Buffalo.
It's not that far from where I am right now, which is Leroy.
We could not get much get much further than this.
Roads blanketed and snow so thick you can barely see in front of you.
And the snowfall isn't letting up.
My photographer Aaron and I driving nearly four hours westbound on the Thruway.
But as soon as we reached Exit 46 we couldn't go any further.
The Thruway shut down to all traffic because of severe weather conditions, and cars have no choice but to turn around.
In the town of Lee Rory, we found this core stuck on the side of the road.
We pulled over to help the driver, but there was no one inside, despite the Flashers left on.
The driving conditions here in Leroy are so bad that most of the streets looked like this.
Practically no traffic and the streets are not plowed and snowfall is coming down very quickly on the wind isn't helping down the road, a snowplow gets to work, but the snow fall so fast.
Drivers have two inch down the street.
After driving through those conditions, even for a little bit, we had to turn around very quickly because we did not want to end up like that abandoned car you saw on the side of the road, and we did see some snow plows come through here and clear the roads a little bit.
But there's really no word yet on when these holes will open up.
The snow has lighten up, but the wind, it's still pretty brutal Out here.
You can see that slush on the ground.
Of course, we'll keep you posted all the updates when the through a will.
Of course we open.
You can check news 10 dot com for that information.
Reporting in Leroy I'm Rachel Young Kunis News 10 ABC.


State of Emergency declared for Western New York counties

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