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  • You seem like the naughty one of the group if I'm honest

  • You have no idea

  • Wants to know what four things do you suck at

  • Do we suck at doing

  • And she said Jimmy open the bottle and make a wish blow into it make a wish and blow into it

  • And that wish will come true, and I did and I won't say what the wish was but you're here!

  • Sandy just got married!

  • You can't worry about him..

  • What?What?

  • What's the message of that PSA?

  • What would you like to say to your fans about that?

  • Who was the last person who had sex with?

  • Pretend we are on that mountain,that we're all going to when you're on hiatus

  • It's us and Bear Grylls.

  • What one word starting with Niall,just really shout it,keep it clean

  • Willies

  • Hey, what's your favorite feeling? Oh?

  • *Taking your socks off last thing at night is great*

  • But I was thinking something more like deep

  • What kind of porn are you watching?

  • Look at him,look at him.What's wrong with you troublemaker?

  • Okay, I say right,down in,there we go

  • Oh, yeah

  • Yeah

  • I can't help it

  • Why are we always fucking running from?

  • Losing my shit

  • Oh that shit we get rid of

  • It's like fucking Bob Dylan or some shit

  • Shit I've got chlamydia

  • Oh, for fuck's saaaaake

  • Is that the end?

  • No fucking way


  • My worst habit is getting naked all the time

  • It felt like we kind of had each other to work out together

  • Was Little Things written about One Direction's little things?

  • Did you know how Harry leaked that picture himself?

  • He leaked his own picture

  • He's definitely hasn't got a little thing,so no

You seem like the naughty one of the group if I'm honest


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A2 初級

ハリー・スタイルズのいたずらっ子な一面 (The naughty side of Harry Styles)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日