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  • I quite enjoyed studying at Southern Cross University I recently finished my

  • bachelor in accounting and I enjoyed the small class sizes they were always

  • really interactive and great support from the tutors and lecturers and now I'm

  • about to complete my honours. And also the academic support in completing this

  • research thesis is quite amazing my supervisors are really switched on

  • really helpful. I'm feeling confident with my honours

  • degree that I can progress to the next step and do my PhD.

  • Hopefully at Southern Cross University.

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  • Living close to Byron Bay is quite an amazing thing to me. I'm close to the

  • beach. I can go scuba diving if I feel like it I can go surfing or just for a beach

  • walk and it really gives me good study and lifestyle balance.

  • It's only about 40 minutes to the Gold Coast campus and I can just drive onto the highway and I'm

  • pretty much there. There's never a rush hour on the highway, it's always free

  • it's perfect. Yeah the Gold Coast campus is quite modern and you can see the

  • beach and it's literally 300 metres from the beach so if you need to

  • study break it just walk to the beach go for a swim and you're refreshed.

  • it's quite convenient for me to come here to listen or to use the facility here such

  • as the library and it's quite relaxed learning environment and I've got all the

  • facilities I need. Computers, research facility, databases.

  • Studying at Southern Cross University was a quite unique experience for me.

  • It certainly improved my English and I also got a lot more confident and the

  • study life balance as I mentioned before is quite unique and it helped me

  • definitely, getting through my degree.

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サザンクロス大学での学習生活バランスを整える (Getting the study lifestyle balance right at Southern Cross University)

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