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I quite enjoyed studying at Southern Cross University I recently finished my
bachelor in accounting and I enjoyed the small class sizes they were always
really interactive and great support from the tutors and lecturers and now I'm
about to complete my honours. And also the academic support in completing this
research thesis is quite amazing my supervisors are really switched on
really helpful. I'm feeling confident with my honours
degree that I can progress to the next step and do my PhD.
Hopefully at Southern Cross University.
Living close to Byron Bay is quite an amazing thing to me. I'm close to the
beach. I can go scuba diving if I feel like it I can go surfing or just for a beach
walk and it really gives me good study and lifestyle balance.
It's only about 40 minutes to the Gold Coast campus and I can just drive onto the highway and I'm
pretty much there. There's never a rush hour on the highway, it's always free
it's perfect. Yeah the Gold Coast campus is quite modern and you can see the
beach and it's literally 300 metres from the beach so if you need to
study break it just walk to the beach go for a swim and you're refreshed.
it's quite convenient for me to come here to listen or to use the facility here such
as the library and it's quite relaxed learning environment and I've got all the
facilities I need. Computers, research facility, databases.
Studying at Southern Cross University was a quite unique experience for me.
It certainly improved my English and I also got a lot more confident and the
study life balance as I mentioned before is quite unique and it helped me
definitely, getting through my degree.


Getting the study lifestyle balance right at Southern Cross University

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