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-Yuvraj Singh! -Wrong! -What? -No?
Oh shit! I knew this! Uh... Sunil Gavaskar?
In which year was the first cricket world cup held?
-1989! -I know when cricket was invented.
-1950... -1975.
-Women's? -Women's... Er...
Women's cup was held in Mumbai in 1978.
-2005? -Er... 80s? -'73!
Oh my God! This was a wild guess.
Who was the first to get a double century in a one-day?
-Brian Lara? -Sehwag.
-Sachin Tendulkar. -Smriti Mandhana?
-Sachin Tendulkar. -Women's?
-You answer the women's one... -Smriti Mandhana?
-Australian? -Yeah.
That's it.
Who was the first Indian player to hit 6 sixes in a single over?
Yuvraj Singh!
-Yuvraj Singh. -Yuvraj Singh. -Sachin? Sehwag?
-Ravi Shastri! -Ravi Shastri! -No, no, no... -Yeah!
-Ravi Shastri. -Yes.
Who was the first Indian cricketer to score highest runs in a T20?
Chris Gayle. Did you say Indian?
-Sorry, sorry... -But that record keeps getting made, no?
-Pass... -I...
-Virat Kohli. -Virendra Sehwag.
Rohit Sharma... Er... Kohli!
Rohit Sharma?
When did women's cricket officially begin?
-1978... -1969.
-After 1870? -Oh, 1934! '33...
Who's noting down the score?
-When was it first played in India? -Er... 1968?
Nineteen... nineteen...
Name any five Indian women cricketers.
-Of all time or right now? -Mithali Raj...
Not Aba... Aba is not a player.
Harmanpreet Kaur. Smriti Mandhana.
-Mithila Raj. -Mithi... Mithila? -Mithila? Palkar?
-Mithali Raj. -Correct. -Harmeet... -Kaur. -Kaur.
Smriti... uh...
Mithila Raj... Parmeet Singh Kaur...
-Harmanpreet Kaur...
Mithila Raj, Smriti Mandhana, Harmandeep Kaur...
-Sara Tendulkar? -Sara...
Vice Captain of both the teams?
-Rohit Sharma. -Rohit Sharma.
-Rohit Sharma for ODI team, Ajinkya Rahane for the Test team. -Wow!
-Don't know the women's one. -I don't know.
Women's... uh...
-Harmandeep Kaur? -Smriti Mandhana?
Do you think women's cricket should get the same recognition as the men's?
-Yes, they should. -We should give them recognition.
Because... even now, people knew more about men's cricket, not about women's.
Even in the budgeting, there's such a vast difference... Budgeting is so hard...
I mean, BCCI... deserves respect, dude!
It's skill and talent-based, so both genders should get the same amount of importance.
Women's tennis gets the same level of importance as men's. No reason why cricket shouldn't be the same case.
When is the next T-20 world cup?
Er... This year?
Twenty-twenty world cup is happening soon. In 2020 itself! Dude!
-In September. -In October. In Australia.
-And women's? -It's at the same time. They're playing together!
21st Feb to 8th March, in Australia.
-Thanks to Me, Aai ani Australia. -So what's happening in Japan? Olympics!!
I think in March 2020.
-July. -February.
-20... 2023! -2020...
How was your Dandi Gul experience? Did you learn something new?
-Yeah. -I felt ashamed! -I felt like I was giving an exam.
It wasn't as bad as I expected.
Great! It took our wicket, actually...
I thought I knew everything, but apparently not!
-I feel we should know more about women's cricket... -We should. Exactly.
-Because we weren't used to this before, this was the case. -Yes.
-But apart from a couple of players, even we... -Don't know much about it.
Which we should know!
And I hope that India win in this T20 world cup which is happening in Australia.
-No pressure, I mean... You guys play... be chill.
-But... -But we want you to win!
Ladies and gentlemen, don't run pell-mell.
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'दांडी गुल' - E07: Cricket Quiz 2020 | #bhadipa #WorldCup #VishayKhol

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