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already twice as many championships as any other club.
What a colossus of the NBL.
Speaking of big points in warm ups, he was shooting it from the NBL Finals logo in the warm ups, and so he's feeling good.
He wanted to test himself early is why would his Kennedy looks outside Mitch McCarron Fantastic numbers.
He has built a CZ.
Kennedy scores first moment, especially in the second he delivered against the world.
Siri's unable way gives it away.
Way back now.
Give it to cast away.
You can't do that.
I lie up.
That works the cast, and that is great.
Defense leads the team in steel.
So big board of their success so far this year.
We see Casper where Nice pick and roll with Josh Melvin by five with a big setback.
Losing Brandon still out there and commit the foul stuff.
The run of Watts.
That was a great I couldn't believe it.
I just realized how athletic he is.
Showed right there expiring and Chris Jolie knocks down a dagger.
Joe Kennedy is back there in seemingly on him that way.
Every six extra pass by Jack Kennedy is looking locking, being hit by a truck.
A truck with brain on the bump of 2016.
What is that?
A tattoo?
The baddies takes up all the attention Bryce Cotton is giving it.
It's a big through.
Hasn't played since January 25.
The cop is good to go.
Kennedy on the right.
Going to change that delivers again.
Carla was that in the playbook from Dane.
Become a timeout.
United, one of six from the free throw line specialist.
Yeah, he's able to do even when he's not scoring.
Seven rebounds, seven assists.
Cast away.
Aggressive for quarter.
Usually his time just as much as it's Rice.
First floor.
East Side Involved in the booth.
Jesse Wagstaff showing grand final expiry.
There's nobody else it's up to.
Those two kids have done a great job shutting them down.
What about mixed McCarron?
I have to get stops on defense.
Kennedy having a top shooting night more in a moment as Thai continues to keep the good times coming.


Perth Wildcats vs. Melbourne United - Game Highlights

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