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-Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#SpringBreakInSixWords responses from you guys.
This first one is from @sophiardicapua.
She says, "10 college kids, one motel room."
Hey, I've been there. [ Laughter ]
"I got the bathtub." [ Laughter ]
This one is from @Michelle06172431.
That rolls off the tongue there.
[ Laughter ]
[ Buzzer ]
No, I -- [ Laughter ]
-I didn't do it, but I really wanted to do it.
Can I do this?
-Yeah, I'm doing this to itch my nose.
That buzzer came a little too quick.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
Guess what. They're on it.
-Bumming me out. -Yeah.
-I think they have something against me.
-Well, they want you to be healthy.
-This is from @Michelle06172431.
She says, "How did sand get in there?"
Alright. [ Laughter ]
-What? -We know how it got in there.
This one is from @clearwaters.
-They say, "Down for a vacation, leaving on probation."
Hey, that's -- [ Laughter ]
Better than jail.
This one is from @chickatie.
-Oh, she's chic. Say "chic."
-She says, "Please don't tag me on Facebook."
There you go. [ Laughter ]
Smart, that's a smart thing.
This one is from @roninthekey.
He says, "How I learned about credit scores."
Well, there you go, yeah.
This one is from @dfwheat.
[email protected]? [email protected]
[email protected]? [email protected]
Did you ever meet anyone with the last name wheat?
-No, never.
Wheat. [ Laughter ]
-I would say that's the Russian bot.
-Yeah, that's probably the bot 'cause they'll fool you.
-I mean, I know Buck.
-Buck Wheat?
-Yeah, Buck Wheat is the only person
I know with the last name Wheat.
-Yeah, that's it. -Yeah.
Oh, Cream Of --
-Cream of, did you say? -Yeah.
Cream of Wheat. [ Laughter ]
-Hi, this is my friend Cream of.
That's a Russian name, Creamof.
[ Laughter ]
My name is Creamof.
-"Creamof." -"Creamof Wheat."
-No, yeah. [ Laughter ]
She says, "Coronavirus isn't the only contagious thing!"
Oh, boy. [ Audience ohs ]
Fist bump."
-This one is from @alicenwonderland.
She says, "And nine months later, you arrived."
[ Audience ohs ]
That's it.
Last one is from @matthewtsang.
He says, "Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!"
There you have it.
Those are "Tonight Show Hashtags."
To check out more of our favorites,
go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.


Hashtags: #SpringBreakInSixWords

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