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That's a pretence.
Sheila's Emery, Super Sunday and Silver Streak.
I think pretence the correct favorites.
And if there is one horse he's gonna blow the racer party, it's likely to be her.
But given it's so open in the bunch field, I think it might be better going for a bit of each way value.
And there's no more solid doors for me in the lineup on Super Sunday.
He's a rock solid grade one horse.
You know he should come a couple of absolute bundle for encouraging reappearance forth at the The Irish champion will be a fresh horse.
I just can't see him finishing out the money.
Whether he's good enough to quite win, I think you'll go very close to it.
And around 12 to 1, I think he's the way to go in a very open year. 00:00:53.230 --> 00:01:1.440 Bit shorter price in the in the article that someone actually set aside with the favorite despite the fact it looks like it could be a a very strong run. 00:01:1.440 --> 00:01:7.270 Races should be plenty of pace on, and that could put put a lot of pressure on the jumping involved in touch wood. 00:01:7.790 --> 00:01:10.660 No walks jumping Bean, Notably fluent so far.
I just feel he's just being a bit.
The strength of his phone had been ignored for an extent.
If you compare him with the other favorites of the meeting, there are a lot shorter than him, particularly relation to the second favor factory Do Dory, who he beat over Christmas and actually now meets on £7 better terms.
Because that horse doesn't get the weight for age allowance, and you know he just looks a very solid horse.
And reproduction of what he's shown so far should be good enough to win this and 321 that he might not be that a better price.
He could even drift on the day of the moving on to race.
Sixth, an obvious handicap.
Chase the two, Which cash mind?
This is esprit de gay of Finish Williams and hold a note of mixed Alan Sleight preference for the latter connections won this race two years ago with a horse called Mr Whitaker.
Thistles has followed a similar pattern. 00:01:56.500 --> 00:02:0.080 Even though he's yet to win over fences, he's shaped very encouraging. 00:02:0.080 --> 00:02:1.140 He pretty much in every start. 00:02:1.140 --> 00:02:7.310 It was very unlucky to start to go in virtual brought down at captain and then shape about the best horse for a long way in a race over three miles. 00:02:8.420 --> 00:02:8.800 Warrant. 00:02:8.800 --> 00:02:9.300 Last time. 00:02:9.300 --> 00:02:15.450 I think he's a grated North graded novice, running in a novice handicap here and around 52 to ease the way to go for May.


Cheltenham Festival Tips: Day one | Timeform

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