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  • In fact, that's a lie, because this card never released a tall, only 12 where ever produced, some of which were sent out to over crackers and some of which were sent out to reviewers.

  • The card in question the 7 80 t i lightning edition from M s.

  • I.

  • Now, if you Google the 7 80 Lightning, you're bound to find a few results because the standard 7 80 lightning edition did, in fact released to the public.

  • And it was a fantastic card, the tea I edition of the car.

  • However, well, as I said that never made it to the public market.

  • And the few that were produced sort of disappeared into the wilderness, never to be seen again.

  • So where did I have all people find one.

  • Did I use some sort of magical YouTube a connection like I did with my suit's rogue miles to Jewel 5 80 card.

  • I took a look at about a year ago. 00:01:0.010 --> 00:01:4.400 Well, actually, no I found this one of all places on eBay. 00:01:4.610 --> 00:01:14.600 I was just looking for graphics cards, as I normally do, searching by newly listed and about four or five places down was this, Card said in the description.

  • Here we have a pretty rare GPU, and at this point, I knew I had tohave it.

  • Listed at £150.

  • I thought that was a pretty good deal, even for a standard 7 80 t i these days.

  • So to find this edition of the car for the same Christ, wasn't it of a ball game?

  • It gets a bit better because I offered a slightly lower price of £110 plus £10 postage into my surprise within the hour the cellar accepted.

  • I don't know how why he did, but I'm just happy that he did.

  • Because I've been waiting on this card with bated breath for literally 48 hours straight, have hardly had any sleep.

  • But without further ado, let's talk about the card itself a little bit more, so I posted my fine to read it in hopes of some more information on the community over there were very helpful it seems theseventy a t t i lightning was on display at Computex 2014 on the launch of this beast was the go ahead is normal.

  • However, in video had other ideas and didn't want m s.

  • I releasing it with an increased voltage of specifications.

  • According to an article on Tweak Town M s, I then chose to give away the 12 samples they had made to over Clockers instead of mass producing a card that wouldn't give uses.

  • The lightning experience they had come to know and expect these over Clockers with a modified BIOS installed, could push this thing to ridiculous levels using Ln to or liquid nitrogen calling solution.

  • As a result, I'm pretty confident in saying that off the 12 samples that were given away, probably not all of them are still kicking around today.

  • Who knows?

  • This may even be the last, but let's take an in depth look at this thing. 00:02:59.560 --> 00:03:4.950 Clean it up and then see if it actually boots up in our system or blows up our system. 00:03:5.290 --> 00:03:17.990 The Tri Fan caller looks no different from the one found on the standard 7 80 lightning, and it is one of the nicest color conflicts I've seen, in my opinion, even the connectors of this card a gold, which is a nice touch around the back.

  • And you may have noticed this weird cap that stops the card sitting flat.

  • This protects the GPU reactor, emphasized GPU.

  • Reactor was a little detachable bold that was connected to the rear of the PCB on was supposed to help with over clocking stability.

  • This one is missing, which is odd, but the cold will still work fine without it providing.

  • It works at all, of course.

  • So before the moment of truth, let's take it apart and clean it up, giving it a new dosage of thermal paste to ensure temperature.

  • State called.

  • You never know if this thing has seen a life of abuse.

  • The old paste may be completely drying, almost non existent.

  • It comes apart pretty easily, just like any GPU. 00:03:58.950 --> 00:04:3.760 The first thing to do was to remove the back plate and then undo the remaining screws. 00:04:3.930 --> 00:04:10.250 It's a little more nerve racking with a card like this, though, I'll admit, and I was happy to see the old paste wasn't actually old.

  • It'll it may have even been replaced before the seller sent it out to me.

  • Nonetheless, I cleaned off the old stuff, removing as much paste as I could from the chip itself and took this opportunity to confirm that it was indeed a g k 1 10 4 to 5 B one chip in the back of my head.

  • I'm still expecting this thing to somehow be a fake.

  • Maybe it is.

  • And I've missed something obvious.

  • But as far as I can tell, it's legit.

  • After replacing the paste and putting the car back together, I took a few deep breaths and prepare to fire it up.

  • There are no official documents stating the P S U requirements that I could find the M s.

  • I recommend a 600 what ps you for a standard 7 80 lightning.

  • So I thought my 650 walk 50 to AMP.

  • Course there T X power supply would suffice. 00:04:56.940 --> 00:05:5.110 I also confirmed that this little bi or switch was set to stock instead of Ln to, as I won't be extremely over clocking it today. 00:05:5.270 --> 00:05:6.090 But more on that. 00:05:6.090 --> 00:05:16.530 A little later are slaughtered the card into the rise and 5 1600 test system and powered it on on when the card lit up like the last Vegas Strip are relaxed a little.

  • This was the next screen I saw.

  • I was told the card crashed when the drivers were installed, so I let Device Manager do its thing.

  • But I was stoked to see no loss of signal.

  • I then opened up M s.

  • I afterburner to see if we were running it sensible temperatures after the pace change, and we were with this discovery.

  • I didn't want to push it too hard.

  • So I jumped into a couple of games to test the stability.

  • If nothing else, as my place session approached 20 minutes, the lightning logo on the car turned red to indicate a high load, though the card remained pretty cool.

  • Even without an extreme over clock.

  • This thing will still do okay in modern and demanding games. 00:05:57.800 --> 00:06:2.090 And thanks to the hefty calling solution, it stays pretty quiet as well. 00:06:2.420 --> 00:06:14.370 Even when I crank things way up that he is where I started experiencing issues, I was only able to bench these two games because any title I opened up afterwards crashed or froze.

  • Now, this may be a BIOS issue, but it only crushed under load.

  • So it might just be that my 650 what power supply isn't quite enough.

  • Regardless, I decided to turn off the system for today until I can get a hold of a beefy a ps you over the weekend.

  • I'm not entirely confident that this is the issue.

  • And considering this GP use assumed past life, it may just be on its last legs.

  • But I'd hate to see what may be the last of a product break because of me.

  • It would be like running over the last dodo in your car accidentally or killing the last seat, her toe win the world, and you just feel terrible about it.

  • So I'm gonna take my time to try and make a longer, more in depth benchmarking segment happen.

  • I've already contacted M S I themselves who have been in contact with their beforehand for a couple of projects, and I've also tried to get in touch with the E Bay seller to get a bit of back story to this specific 7 80 So stay tuned.

  • Watch this space because hopefully I'll be benchmarking the 7 80 t i lightning very, very soon.

  • But until then, thank you very much for watching.

  • I hope you guys have enjoyed this video.

  • If you did leave a like on it, leave a dislike down below.

  • If you didn't enjoy it and subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already on DA Hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.

In fact, that's a lie, because this card never released a tall, only 12 where ever produced, some of which were sent out to over crackers and some of which were sent out to reviewers.


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