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Had to play a game on very little rest.
They've used practice jerseys in a real game, but what they went through might have galvanized them.
They won and won and won all the way to the Big 10 title game and have reason to be happy entering the N C.
A tournament because of what they did in that title game as well.
It was the eighth seed Michigan against the second seed Wisconsin for the first time ever in Washington, D.
And Zak Irvin.
Man Zak Irvin has really stepped up the last few games.
Athletic move there, and the Wolverines are by six.
You think maybe they start to get tired, right?
This is the fourth game in four days for them.
Don't tell that Derek Walton Jr He was remarkable all week long. 00:00:54.820 --> 00:01:2.910 22 points in the title game after having a career I 29 points the game before that, the final seconds of the half. 00:01:3.210 --> 00:01:7.020 Maybe a bad omen for Michigan and a great omen for Wisconsin. 00:01:7.650 --> 00:01:9.110 Big shot from Bronson K. 00:01:9.110 --> 00:01:10.330 To go on a big first half.
So it's only a one point game at the break.
Second half Michigan stretches their lead.
Now they're up 46 38.
Here's Mohammed Ali Abdul Rockman with the perfect bounds that friendly D.
Ramiz so used Thio.
They shot 56% from the floor on the day Zak Showalter not giving up with the steal and the finishing.
The Badgers pull within six later in the second half.
Moments later.
Same score.
Irvin says.
You want to go on a run.
Forget that nonsense, barely beating the shot clock buzzer and extending their lead to nine years.
Mohammed Ali Abdul Rockman again.
Breakaway Slam.
Wolverines lead by 9 90 seconds.
D J.
Wilson, who was really big with 17 points, two of them very emphatic.
The Michigan Wolverines. 00:01:59.470 --> 00:02:0.910 What a story. 00:02:1.070 --> 00:02:6.150 The 2017 Big 10 men's basketball tournament champions. 00:02:6.380 --> 00:02:8.200 Your most outstanding player. 00:02:8.200 --> 00:02:15.920 No surprise Derek Walton, who averaged 20 points a game in this Big 10 tournament, 71 to 56.


Wisconsin vs. Michigan - 2017 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament

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