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You know what?
There's still a big cleanup going on from the rains that fell on Saturday and Sunday.
Out in Wyoming County, Matt Bovie made the trip out to Warsaw, and he's tracking some of that clean up.
Good morning, Matt.
Well, Andy, Right now I'm standing in the middle of some of the damage here.
And the Warsaw Cemetery were in Veteran's Park of the Cemetery.
Take a look.
Seven Eyewitness news photographer Jim Her is going to show you we have a flagpole down.
Ah, lot of the headstones have been cracked.
A lot of trees down in this area.
Now, this is just kind of a taste of some of the devastation that has happened here.
It's happened all around Warsaw, but good news.
Help is on the way today.
The Wyoming county Health Department will be providing some help for those people who need it with certain items like bleach and lawn mowers and things that they would need to try and clean up their houses in their yards. 00:00:59.500 --> 00:01:3.070 They'll bring in some food for those people who still haven't been able to get out. 00:01:3.070 --> 00:01:12.550 That's expected to start later this morning at the Warsaw Health Department building in a couple hours, but still a lot of devastation here in the cemetery and in the community.
It was heartbreaking.
It was just totally heartbreaking.
I was with one of the members of the Cemetery Association, and it's just I mean, we saw what had happened with flooding down in the village and everything.
We never expected that up in the cemetery.
It just seems so unfair now.
I just got off the phone with the police about an hour ago here in Warsaw, and they did tell me that they expect that state of emergency that is in place right now.
That has been since this weekend and all the bad weather to be lifted at some point later this afternoon.
We're gonna continue to check back with them so we can give you an update on exactly when that is lifted. 00:01:57.950 --> 00:02:4.610 But right now ah, lot of still problems here that they're trying to work on the main stretch of road ways not going to run into any problems. 00:02:4.620 --> 00:02:9.750 It's the secondaries where you're still going to see some damage like this, Laura, we'll send it back inside you.


Warsaw state of emergency continues

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