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  • Yeah, Nick, it seems Assad kilometer.

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  • Naturally.

  • Hospital bang!

  • New roommate.

  • The emergency create.

  • Okay.

  • Are you happy?

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  • Thank you.

  • So sorry.

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  • Dr Scott.

  • Jack.

  • And I said, why me?

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  • Hey, our sound. 00:03:52.680 --> 00:04:0.400 It's not pneumonia you haven't But with the Pakistan to are people who say I looked the other video. 00:04:0.410 --> 00:04:8.610 They are really hard to do a job seeker sector but Villagers talking Jensen Rico Minnows. 00:04:8.610 --> 00:04:10.640 Okay, ourself, we'll see, But check in with me.

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  • So guys update.

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  • Goddamn father, Dr.

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Yeah, Nick, it seems Assad kilometer.


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