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The government is maintained.
They've had plenty of warning to get out and so far have opted not to.
It would create another headache for the government, with this crisis said to add further pain to our drought and Bush.
Fire Hit Farmers Potentially Losing their biggest Customer Overnight virus creeping around the world has become Australia's economic virus, just another kick in the gut.
For farmers already battling the effects of drought and bushfires, the Corona virus is another blow.
It could make a difference of, you know, 30 or $40 a head on lambs and you have 50 $60 on cattle. 00:00:51.760 --> 00:01:0.100 The $62 billion agricultural industry joining tourism and education as financial victims of the virus. 00:01:3.000 --> 00:01:12.890 China is Australia's largest market for agriculture, taking 25% of what we send overseas, including weight, dearie and mate.
But in the past month alone, beef exports to China Phil almost 40% the biggest impact of the moments, largely around logistics.
So we're product actually goes now.
There's a hurry to ship food to other countries to avoid oversupply here.
Too much stock would make prices at the farm gate and your check out full.
That's why the Australian government being so proactive getting tried agreements around the world.
The pork industry doesn't export to China but says it's affected because Chinese restaurants here don't have enough customers to buy up regular stock says unintended consequences that are gonna start to flow through the longer that the virus is actually spreading. 00:01:54.670 --> 00:02:1.730 While the government is still trying to calculate the economic impact, the primary concern is how serious a health issue this is. 00:02:1.960 --> 00:02:6.520 The virus is highly effective with the death rate of between one and 2%. 00:02:6.810 --> 00:02:17.780 The Spanish flu at the end of world war had a death rate of at least 10% and claimed an estimated 50 million lives Maur than the war itself.
And with more than 300 cases of Corona virus outside China, governments here have to be prepared.
If the virus was to come to Australia, where we're certainly have plans in place, they could include shutting borders and increasing isolation.


Australian economy impacted by virus fears | Nine News Australia

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