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Feifei: Hello and welcome to
The English We Speak with me, Feifei...
Rob: ... and me, Rob.
Feifei: Rob, could we have
your attention please?
Rob: Sorry, I'm just snacking.
Feifei: You know you can't
eat in the studio.
Rob: I'm not eating anything - I'm
snacking on some funny cat videos ...
sorry, they're
really short, I won't be long.....
What, Feifei? Why the angry face?
Feifei: Because we are here to talk
about an authentic English phrase.
Rob: OK, OK, well here is one
for you - snackable. It describes
short online articles, videos
and other content that are quick and
easy to read or watch. Just like
these cat videos.
Feifei: And you are demonstrating it very
well, Rob! I guess it's like eating a snack
- quick and easy?
Rob: Yes - very snackable. Just like
these examples...
Because my free time is short, it's good to
find some snackable videos
I can watch on
my smartphone while I wait for the bus.
The short city guides I found on the
internet are very snackable and
great for planning
my trip around Africa.
These days videos are often less than
a minute long so that they're
snackable and appeal
to a younger audience.
Feifei: You're listening to The English
We Speak from BBC Learning English,
and we're talking about
the word 'snackable', which is a term
used to describe short online content
that is easy and quick to watch or read.
Rob: ...and the great thing about
snackable content, Feifei, is
you can do it whilst doing
other things - like presenting
this programme.
Feifei: You mean you can multitask - that
means do more than
one thing at a time. Well I can do that too!
Now where's my smartphone?
Rob: Err Feifei, what are you doing?
Feifei: Reading a short but interesting
article about working
with annoying presenters.
Rob: You're not snacking on that, you're
feasting on it! Now come on
and help me finish the programme.
Feifei: OK. Thanks for joining us, and we hope
you found this programme snackable.
Rob: Bye. Now do you want to see these
kittens doing really funny tricks?


What does 'snackable' mean?

32 タグ追加 保存
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