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  • In fact, to be honest, this was no frills.

  • Football is where it was.

  • This was no passengers for the bike.

  • This has hit the center forward.

  • Everybody get around them and if not, get and behind.

  • I mean, it's called Blood Thunder is called gots and hard work and every single thing that ever got to deliver the actor What for it?

  • I like to blow but by defendant from from Chelsea given the ball away in the wrong areas.

  • But this was absolutely no frills football whatsoever.

  • Get to Chelsea in a minute.

  • But Duncan Ferguson comes in his first game.

  • They wouldn't comfortably Can he be considered for the job?

  • Would you be wanted After what happened with all the gunner soul Sha a little, it wouldn't go away.

  • I'm just saying he But look what he's done.

  • You just said he's galvanized the team.

  • They were rudderless before 100.

  • He should be in consideration. 00:00:57.870 --> 00:01:3.940 Shouldn't he if he wins every game that is in charge of, then it would seem logical. 00:01:3.940 --> 00:01:8.620 But the way they played today, I think you can do that at home. 00:01:8.620 --> 00:01:10.820 I don't think you can do that away from home.

  • That's the problem is going to have.

  • Yes, Dunkin can get the crow Gone is absolute legend there.

  • Everybody loves him and saw The fact that everybody was up for this game wasn't a surprise.

  • It was a little surprising that Chelsea got kind of caught on the hop.

  • Talk about Chelsea under Frank Lampard have been excellent, but mainly home.

  • We've had some good results away from home, but they've not kept a clean sheet on the travels, have bigger concerns.

  • That I think is the do let goals.

  • And I think I think Frank knows that, Um but it can do in a boat it right now that an open attack inside.

  • So when you when you go forward, then you're going to leave holes.

  • And of course, the way that ever went a boater.

  • I mean, Zuma in particular you think of the size of a human host strong as he couldn't handle it. 00:01:59.800 --> 00:02:3.370 I mean, culvert loom was knocking, knocking him potentially all over the place. 00:02:3.370 --> 00:02:4.420 So they got. 00:02:4.430 --> 00:02:5.480 They got out for today. 00:02:5.480 --> 00:02:8.990 Basically, how does he go back to basics Lamb Part and shore things up? 00:02:8.990 --> 00:02:12.620 Because they're going to score for fun with the talent that they've got show you.

  • But Georgina didn't start.

  • He's played that.

  • Azpilicueta it right back.

  • Then he dropped her.

  • Now he's pointing it left.

  • But you've got Emerson Marcus along so he doesn't play.

  • You've had memorias, a centerback.

  • He's no being dropped.

  • You had Christiansen coming in.

  • There's too much change here for lamb part at the back.

  • Um, I don't know that you can say there's too much Shane.

  • What keeps changing.

  • So when you're losing goals, you don't change it.

  • Well, you gotta try things.

  • So when you're losing goals, nobody can complain.

  • When you pull them out, put somebody else in.

  • I mean, the fact is, he's tried.

  • There's many different permutations as he can, and he still can't solve the problem.

  • And that just tells you that the problem isn't isn't a tactical problem or picking the wrong bike lane. 00:02:59.500 --> 00:03:2.510 It's individuals who are not quite up to the job. 00:03:2.650 --> 00:03:6.660 It's only fair we end with Everton after what happened, I feel great way to bounce back. 00:03:7.140 --> 00:03:9.200 Is this one swallow in the summer? 00:03:9.200 --> 00:03:9.260 A. 00:03:9.260 --> 00:03:9.680 Nova? 00:03:9.680 --> 00:03:15.350 Is this just a flash in the pan, or can they build on that away from home as well as you mentioned earlier?

  • I think it won't be a flash in the pan at home.

  • I think you can expect this tape of football at home when Dunkin's in charge, um, away from home.

  • I don't think you'd get away with it, so it could be a little bit Jekyll and hey, Devon.

  • But it's an end of the day if they can win their home games up, the only thing they're interested in right now, we're staying up so long.

  • May it continue and under donkey onwards and upwards for Everton.

  • But for Chelsea, we've gotta sort things out the back.

In fact, to be honest, this was no frills.


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