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  • Now.

  • It doesn't matter what kind of store manager you are applying to join.

  • It could be food.

  • It could be retailer could be fashion.

  • It does not matter.

  • All of the questions and answers within this tutorial are designed.

  • Help you pass the please do stick around, take notes and watch it from beginning to end, because it will make a huge difference to your preparation.

  • Now, before I get into those tips and the questions and answers a very warm welcome to my training tutorial.

  • My name is Richard McMunn.

  • That's me there, the ball chap in the center off the video.

  • I've been helping people to pass their interviews for about 20 years now, and I do that by providing you with top scoring unique answers to the interview questions.

  • Please do subscribe by clicking the red button below the video, and I would also very much appreciate it if you gave the video.

  • I like that always motivates me to create more content for you. 00:00:59.280 --> 00:01:2.660 Now let's get straight into the content now. 00:01:2.670 --> 00:01:5.590 Join the preparation for your store manager interview. 00:01:6.040 --> 00:01:9.460 We need to make sure that you demonstrate the following skills and qualities. 00:01:9.790 --> 00:01:20.550 These are the ones that you will be assessed against your ability to deliver exceptional customer service on ensure all staff you are responsible for a managing do exactly the same.

  • You also have to think about how you would increase in store sales by using innovative and creative sales techniques.

  • Now I will give you an answer to a question that's based around increasing in store sales as a store manager as we progress fruit.

  • The tutorial so pleased you stick around number three and sure, all safety rules and procedures are followed at all times.

  • That's very important.

  • And also number four.

  • Make sure the story you are managing is presented in a clean, tidy and well stocked manner at all times.

  • Finally, number five, you are responsible for managing the performance of the staff who come under your remit. 00:01:58.160 --> 00:02:3.710 It does not matter how many staff you are responsible for, whether it's one reverence to you still have to manage their performance. 00:02:3.930 --> 00:02:17.060 So let's get straight into the store manager, interview questions and answers, and I've put all of those skills and qualities within the answers to make sure you come across as the top candidate in your store manager into gear.

  • We get so questionable on.

  • Tell me about yourself and why you want to become a store manager pretty much guaranteed to be your first interview question.

  • Here's my suggested answer.

  • I am a dedicated, efficient and hardworking employee who not only loves being at work but who also gets great job satisfaction from achieving difficult sales targets and tasks. 00:02:40.010 --> 00:03:6.650 I have been working towards becoming a store manager for some time and having read the person specification, I feel strongly I'll be able to perform the role to a high standard the key skills, qualities and experience I have, including ability to deliver outstanding customer service on efficient approach toe working on also strong managerial abilities that will ensure those people who are working within the store team all strive towards meeting ourselves on customer service objectives. 00:03:6.650 --> 00:03:15.780 Now want to become a store manager, in particular with your company, because I feel strongly I'll be successful in the role and help you to meet your organizational aims and objectives.

  • Now what I like about the answer is in depth and detailed.

  • Most people who've given an answer to that question will give a relatively short one.

  • But you are giving some real strong, valid reasons positive reasons about yourself from why you want to become a store.

  • Manage, let's move on to the next question.

  • So why'd you wanna work for our company as a store manager?

  • Why have you chosen our brand widely chosen our company?

  • Here's a great answer to that question.

  • The main reason I've applied to work for your company is a store manager is primarily down to the excellent customer service you offer your customers.

  • Now.

  • I am a firm believer that if customer service is carried out properly onto the right, standards of store will not only meet, it sells objectives, but it will also have a long and prosperous future. 00:03:59.240 --> 00:04:2.650 If I'm successful, I plan to stay with your company for many years to come. 00:04:3.140 --> 00:04:18.230 I believe the values and ethics you abide by will be a solid basis for me to grow, thrive and succeed in the role I'd actually feel proud to become a store manager for your company, and if you employ me within the role, I think you'll be impressed with my high standards of my positive attitude to everything I do.

  • So that's a great answer because you are giving solid reasons for why you wanna work for their company based around customer service, which is really important.

  • And that shows that you put customer service high on the agenda, that the reasons why you want to work for a particular company.

  • Question Number three Tell me what you expect to be doing on a daily basis as a store manager, so their success is your understanding of the job description.

  • So have you read the job description?

  • Do you know what you have to do on a daily basis?

  • Well, I've done the work for you, and here is my suggested answer.

  • There will be a huge range of tasks I'll be responsible for. 00:04:54.370 --> 00:05:6.100 These include ensuring the story is open for business today on time into the correct presentable standards, ensuring there are enough star for duty each day to run the store and maintain customer service standards. 00:05:6.270 --> 00:05:20.330 Monitor all stop levels to ensure we always have the correct levels available for our customers, welcoming all customers into the stores so they have the best customer experience possible on also ensuring all risk assessments were carried out on safety standards maintained.

  • I will also be responsible for managing star from carrying out their appraisals, facilitating an undertaking.

  • Staff training working are to consistently Dr Cells in store to ensure your business meets its financial objectives.

  • Obviously, there will be many other responsibilities that come with the role.

  • However, those I just mentioned are the most important ones that I would really focus on consistently each day as your store manager.

  • So that shows that you fully understand what you will be expected to do on a daily basis. 00:05:50.040 --> 00:06:3.900 What I also like about that particular answers, you're talking about the important things that most people don't understand, which is the safety aspect, carrying out risk assessments on also about driving cells, which is really, really important. 00:06:4.040 --> 00:06:9.060 Now please stick around because I'm not come on to that increasing sales question in a second. 00:06:9.060 --> 00:06:16.900 But if you want to download my force set of 23 store manager interview questions and answers, you click link in the top right hand corner of the video.

  • It will take you through to my website, where you can get a list of all of those, and you can download the answers as well.

  • Okay, let's take a look at on our next question.

  • There's our store manager.

  • What would you do to increase sales?

  • So this is that increasing sales question is our store manager.

  • What would you do to increase sales?

  • Here we go.

  • I would focus on four specific things to help drive sales in store.

  • First and foremost, I would ensure everyone working in the store delivered on maintained outstanding customer service at all times.

  • Now, this is particularly important for a number of reasons.

  • If our customers feel valued on, they enjoy their experience in store. 00:06:54.700 --> 00:07:0.660 They will potentially spend more money per visit on also return to the store time and time again for their goods. 00:07:0.810 --> 00:07:14.890 The second thing I will concentrate on is ensuring the stories well stopped, maintained and clean and tidy at all times, obviously an entirely and poorly stocked stories representative of the company brand, and this will put customers off from spending their valuable time there.

  • Thirdly, I would welcome all customers as they arrived in store and ensure everyone communicates, revolve valued customers in a positive and friendly manner.

  • Finally, I would always look for up selling opportunities by having the most popular ad on items close to the checkouts.

  • Whilst people are waiting to pay for their goods, this is the perfect opportunity to present to them additional items that may be of interest.

  • So this means that you thought carefully about how you would increase sales, which is important to any kind of retail store or organization.

  • Next question.

  • What qualities do you possess that would enable you to excel?

  • There's a storm manager, So this assesses your understanding of what the right qualities needed to be a brilliant store manager.

  • Here we go. 00:07:59.450 --> 00:08:3.520 I have numerous qualities that I believe will enable me to be an excellent store manager. 00:08:3.820 --> 00:08:11.960 I am entirely customer focused and understand the importance of consistent, high quality customer service to ensure the store continues to thrive.

  • I'm also an excellent manager who can get the most out of their star.

  • I'm highly organized, efficient and have the confidence to carry out my duties to the necessary standard you expect.

  • Finally, I'm tenacious and can use an innovative approach to solving problems.

  • What's always remaining calm under pressure.

  • Now, whilst I understand you are interviewing lots of talented people for this role, I genuinely believe I'm the right person for the job on.

  • I would take responsibilities of a store manager extremely seriously was taking great pride in my work.

  • That's a great answer to that question.

  • So wanted.

  • Download all of my 23 store manager into questions.

  • Either click the link below the video or go through to my website past may interview dot com.

  • You can see here I've got a full list off store manager interview questions that I recommend you prepare for. 00:08:58.620 --> 00:09:2.250 There is also four important tips on there that I recommend you study. 00:09:2.420 --> 00:09:3.440 Please do stay those. 00:09:3.440 --> 00:09:6.620 If you've got any kind of store manager coming up, hope you enjoyed that duck. 00:09:6.620 --> 00:09:8.260 Get, subscribe and click the like button. 00:09:8.260 --> 00:09:8.750 Thank you. 00:09:8.750 --> 00:09:9.750 Thank you very much. 00:09:9.930 --> 00:09:12.240 I appreciate your support on my channel.

  • I hope you have a brilliant day and I wish you all the best in your pursuit to becoming a store manager.

  • Thank you very much.



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