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  • What does it say about Amherst? What does it say about the community that we have

  • completed this set of projects, not just the Science Building but the dorms that

  • became necessary and the landscaping which I think is pure genius? The set of

  • projects we've completed say something about our commitment to beauty, to

  • natural beauty, and to the beauty of a built environment that is compatible

  • with the natural beauty of this campus. It says that we care deeply about

  • science. It says something about our commitment to sustainability. It says

  • something about the importance of the liberal arts emphasis on integration. We

  • have faculty and students who warrant a facility of this sort, whose research and

  • teaching deserve to occur in a place that allows them to do their best work.

  • We have an alumni body and a Board of Trustees who are also ambitious on

  • behalf of the college, and willing to support its academic mission to ensure

  • that Amherst remains the best possible undergraduate institution in the country.

  • This is not a case of "If you build it they will come." They are here. They are

  • our esteemed faculty, whose academic distinction is only surpassed by their

  • talent and commitment as educators of our students. And they are our students,

  • right here, right now.

  • A building at the end of the day is just a space. It is those people who make this

  • space a place.

What does it say about Amherst? What does it say about the community that we have


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サイエンスセンター祝賀会。アマースト大学 (Science Center Celebration: Amherst College)

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