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  • Thank you from me and from millions of people.

  • Every time I remember my childhood, I’m always with a football.

  • My whole life has happened with a football.

  • God gave me a gift and I always trained a lot.

  • I spent a lot of time with the ball.

  • All that amount of time I spent with the ball made me stand out from the others.

  • Ronaldinho is arguably the most entertaining footballer of all time.

  • He was a true artist, and the pitch was his canvas.

  • Ronaldinho was a player whose greatness was recognized by many and his talent

  • simply couldn't be measured on the number of goals he scored.

  • He was the greatest of his era and inspired millions around the world

  • and today we get a chance to ask him a couple of questions.

  • Why was it important for you to have the "joga bonito" spirit

  • and use fancy skills and make it a beautiful game?

  • That's always been my style of play. It was never forced.

  • The joy that people felt when they were watching me on the pitch was exactly what I was living myself.

  • I was fortunate to have as a profession the thing I loved most - playing football.

  • I was very happy to play football.

  • When you watch football nowadays, do you ever feel like the modern game

  • has maybe lost some charm and magic, is it too tactical maybe nowadays?

  • I don't watch a lot of football nowadays.

  • I mainly just watch highlights and the goals so I can't comment that much.

  • I think football will never lose, you know, its brilliance.

  • It's just the current trend: sometimes it's more tactical and sometimes less.

  • These periods keep going back and forth in football.

  • Obviously you played a big role in making the Tiempo an iconic boot.

  • Do you still have some boots at home from big games - and if so, maybe which ones?

  • Oh yes, I definitely have. Tiempo has been with me practically all my life.

  • I have plenty of things related to winning titles, special goals and matches.

  • I have kept a lot of things.

  • You saw the smile, but not the sweat from training.

  • In the years to come, how would you like people to remember Ronaldinho?

  • I want you to remember the guy who was the happiest man in the world playing football.

  • That's how I want to be remembered.

  • And now that I still have you here I have to say you really changed my life

  • with how you played football, so thank you from me and from millions of people around the world.

  • - Thank you so much! - My pleasure. Thank you!

  • And that wraps up our interview with the absolute legend of the game, Ronaldinho.

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  • and let me know in the comments what you would ask Ronaldinho if you had the chance.

  • Lastly, you wanna keep an eye on our Instagram for a chance to win a shirt signed by Ronaldinho himself.

  • That's it for today, I'm out...

Thank you from me and from millions of people.


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サッカーの技術の神様|ロナウジーニョインタビュー (The God of Football Skills | Ronaldinho interview)

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