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  • We are very excited about the women.

  • Seem, we have an outstanding preseason way, have grown a great deal, keep a threat of depth within the events, has been really spectacular, feel like weaken, be very strong.

  • He could represent ourselves really, really well in every single event area this year and I think that's a bit of a change from years past.

  • First day of the season is interesting because it is a scored me against some traditional rivals in conference rivals and yet it's the first meet of the year.

  • So we know that we are in the middle of our preparation. 00:00:53.460 --> 00:01:2.060 We're not at the final stages of our preparation by any means, so we have to be realistic about what we are prepared to do from a performance perspective. 00:01:2.300 --> 00:01:5.250 But at the same time, we know we want to compete hard. 00:01:5.260 --> 00:01:10.510 You know, we want to try to go in and win this meat, so our goal is to improve.

  • You want to be more competitive one way, want to be in the mix, you try to win the meet, but both importantly, we want to make sure that we are continuing to progress toward our ultimate goals, which is great P R's and finish really strongly as a team at the indoor New England meat and the Nest cock Tammy Chips and the indoor Now championship.

  • I've been very, very excited at the way that the women's team has approached its culture and I think that our culture has changed in that we have decided to focus on goals of the team. 00:01:52.370 --> 00:02:1.370 I really believe strongly that if you are running for others, if you are running for the success of the group, you'll run harder. 00:02:1.380 --> 00:02:6.750 You're willing maybe be a little more, suffer a little more of that race or dig a little bit deeper. 00:02:7.550 --> 00:02:8.750 You'll be more focused. 00:02:9.160 --> 00:02:9.580 You. 00:02:9.590 --> 00:02:16.490 It feels better to succeed on behalf of the group than to just succeed for your own individual glory.

  • It's great to hit P ours, and it's great to succeed in progress individually and that's really, really important.

  • But it feels better and you feel more connected to your teammates when you feel like you're doing it for the sake of others and I think that that's driven a lot of the women on our team to renew their efforts to maybe pick up some new events to try to find ways to improve their own performance and maybe find new ways to help get into events that will help the team score better as a group.

  • And I think that giving of themselves to their teammates and feeling connected to them has actually elevated everyone as individuals.

We are very excited about the women.


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2019-2020 アマーストカレッジ女子陸上競技部 - シーズンプレビュー (2019-2020 Amherst College Women's Track & Field - Season Preview)

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