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  • Essex's role is to facilitate companies developing these new technologies with capital to grow by connecting them with investors in the public market.

  • The S and P ASX all technology index brings together for the first time companies across a range of industries whose businesses are primarily technology focused.

  • The old taking dicks will provide the market with benchmark that enables investors and product issue is to measure performance and facilitate investment in the sector. 00:00:46.240 --> 00:01:1.340 We believe it will become the markets bench mount for the technology sector as a whole, sparing investment activity and attracting new technology companies to feast on a six really welcome the collaboration between the S and P and the six around the Arctic Index. 00:01:1.340 --> 00:01:13.360 Because what it does is creates more focus on technology in the street, more opportunities for investors and more opportunities for emerging businesses companies in the sick that to gain access to capital.

  • I think there's gonna be a real benefit to the market from having a technology index so that it will be easier to identify all of these similar tech stocks across the market, regardless off what underlying industry there.

  • Technology Index will create a virtuous circle where we'll get high quality is coming through.

  • That will attract more investments, and in due course that will bring other high quality companies to the index. 00:01:36.030 --> 00:02:2.670 The technology index will benefit companies in the markets because it will provide definition to something that is growing very strongly as part of a diversified portfolio way believe that exposure to the S and P ASX all technology index is going to provide really terrific opportunity for long term capital growth on at the same time in hands diversification in Australia sport for years. 00:02:3.020 --> 00:02:18.480 There's an acre system here that is starting to form, and we need to push that ecosystem and get founders and entrepreneurs and investors and everybody government and everybody involved in understanding how powerful, how important industry and economy that tech sector is going to be.

  • There is very clearly growing demand from a stain investors for technology exposure.

  • A lot of that's being fueled by the success of some of the bigger names that shown that the returns really can be premium if you get it right.

  • I'm sure that with this technology index now in place, that will be a range of opportunities arise different product structures.

  • So the end investors can get exposure to the underlying cos probably like never before.

  • This'd a real opportunity for Australia to become an export industry and a lot of these different areas, and it's an exciting time.

  • We've seen the global success of a number of companies.

  • Now that has a trickle down effect right throughout the ecosystem and it builds confidence from investors. 00:02:58.820 --> 00:03:1.620 So I think this drying tech sectors never been in a better place. 00:03:1.950 --> 00:03:9.000 The S and P a six all technology index, is bringing attention to technology companies and opportunities for investors. 00:03:9.350 --> 00:03:12.050 For more information, visit the A six website.

Essex's role is to facilitate companies developing these new technologies with capital to grow by connecting them with investors in the public market.


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S&P/ASXオールテクノロジーインデックスの発売について (Launch of the S&P/ASX All Technology Index)

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