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  • Rep.

  • Steel Markets is coming off his injury.

  • We've got Xavier Johnson's been back there playing, so you know what?

  • We'll end up having a 34 time.

  • The sign he comes back.

  • You guys help.

  • Help will be back to good confident 4567 bodies.

  • But right now it's you also want.

  • Make sure you have a quality reps.

  • So we did a little today where Mitch got little Mario, and that's really we can expand.

  • I would have wanted to expand a package for tomorrow that never has really taken off with a warning, too.

  • I've actually wanted to do that with Mitch, Kid Oklahoma, a couple of them that we're kind of full backs with DeMarco Murray and all of a sudden we moved Marco out.

  • Fullback was running back then the next day was to back.

  • So there's a role for Mitch.

  • Maybe so. 00:00:55.960 --> 00:01:2.580 This gives me opportunity playing back a little bit, but he's still tied and against Memorial, a little bit of receiver time will be reps. 00:01:2.850 --> 00:01:4.990 Real does just don't load up steel chamber. 00:01:6.910 --> 00:01:9.670 I know you can't say much about master tea, but what can you tell us? 00:01:9.670 --> 00:01:12.220 Are you optimistic that it's not too serious?

  • Always.

  • So you think you will have it for the start of the season?

  • If you had to guess, I would think so.

  • I mean, but, you know, time will tell.

  • I think the worst thing you could do.

  • And for years I've said you when someone says it's a six month injury, what happens if some guys just a little slow on Ellison?

  • That kid's family thinks he's behind.

  • It's a two week ankle injured office and it takes four.

  • And then you start thinking or something, some kind something.

  • Guys just heal faster.

  • Their bodies recover faster.

  • Sometimes they get treatment better than others.

  • Sometimes injuries little bit worse than you think, so to say there's a specific timeline.

  • But I think the timeline of what it looks like for one of reasons why we do it so much practice before spring ball, you get a chance to get back.

  • The deal would be those as he is missing, some of these this work. 00:01:59.530 --> 00:02:1.030 How will his body B C comes back now? 00:02:1.040 --> 00:02:5.820 Be healthy within the to be durable as you go through the day to day wear and tear playing college football running back. 00:02:5.970 --> 00:02:8.940 He's a veteran, but not like Jake. 00:02:8.940 --> 00:02:14.230 It's not having him master.

  • What kind of bad for him becoming back?

  • Not it's.

  • I mean, that's a hurdle, you know.

  • And there was a really good I think different.

  • But they're Mumford had played a Fairmount, played a little bit more Zen master had, but their last year coming off a back injury was really limited through spring with not only the practice with workouts on then in summer.

  • And even if there had a good year, it maybe wasn't as good as he really is because he couldn't train.

  • So that's gonna be the issue is as master gets healthy, fucking cheap system of getting healthy and also getting better.

  • Always used the analogy.

  • When you're hurt, you want to get better.

  • I don't say get healthy. 00:02:58.530 --> 00:03:2.070 You want to help you get better, so you want to become a better ball carry without running the ball. 00:03:2.480 --> 00:03:4.410 You want to catch the ball better without running round. 00:03:4.420 --> 00:03:11.830 So how do you cheat the system that you're growing mentally, going with skills that you can make your limited, But you've given do a bunch of catching drills?

  • Whatever.

  • You gotta cheat the system because, as a young clear, he needs to get better.

  • And that's a team that you have a time table.

  • Nobody.

  • Someone should be good.

  • Carrie tell you to keep your eyes off somewhere like Carmen Martinez will come in summer.

  • Who's kind of like a Swiss Army knife on offense?

  • No, he's tell us to slow down and short routes.

  • Coach Collins has much energy, and not much has changed.

  • A great to have him.

  • You're you know, you worry about like all the guys that plays get in the way of the athletes.

  • I think sometimes as we went through some stuff winners, he looks sometimes. 00:03:57.630 --> 00:04:2.320 Maybe you could tell a quote fish out of water like the same bill a little bit more smoother fluid. 00:04:2.330 --> 00:04:7.870 But when you got out playing ball, you basketball player got played a lot of ball with this family. 00:04:7.870 --> 00:04:8.480 His dad's back. 00:04:9.010 --> 00:04:15.140 So when we get out running around, he naturally kind of finds the right place and he might look a little out of control out of whack.

  • It's kind of doing it on the run, but you know, he's a good football.

  • I think it's gonna be a good move for him to move a lot of work to do.

  • What started with Johnson wanted Hamilton in the line, so he thought he had a chance to be what he wanted.

  • That actually back during the season.

  • And I kind of blocked it because when Marty got here, he had a hamstring injury.

  • Nag and I worry about being from Memphis, long way from home and went playing, and I didn't want him to move and not feel wanted, and I kind of just keeping tied in.

  • And when the season ended, his went through him.

  • I really think let's talk to MARTA way, start talking.

  • You know, it looks like Kate to be a tight end. 00:04:57.150 --> 00:05:2.400 So it was kind of a mutual kind of thing, like if I may be best for both kids, we'll see how it plays out. 00:05:2.710 --> 00:05:17.960 Short term looks good, but it kind of started with Coach Johnson suggestion of maybe wanted looking tight and way won't balance our room out, I was told when we recruited Kate, I was never allowed to go see him because the recruiters thought he could be a good tight end if I walked in the building to be a bad deal.

  • So I was dying.

  • What's in play?

  • High school basketball, and I was prohibited.

  • It was a trade, basically straight up trade.

  • Hamilton first over, but it really just started.

  • Started coach up, sort of.

  • Coach Johnson.

  • We thought Kate could coach on Cem.

  • Marty, Marty, you got physical.

  • But come work there with Dia Teen weighing 2 65 to 68 he was kind of going spot.

  • And that instead of stones weighing 2 53 day, he's getting big enough.

  • I think you'll be thinking, Thanks for watching.

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  • Hey, and you know we got Buck I ke with Zach board for sure.

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  • We've got whatever you need. 00:05:58.910 --> 00:06:1.100 Ohio State football and Ohio State Athletics.



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