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  • I enjoyed that.

  • I was just very sorry that he was not allowed to make a longer film needed.

  • Uh, it was not fair to the project.

  • It was not fair to the subject.

  • It was not fair to David Lynch to cut it down as much as it was topple.

  • It should have been a long film, or it should have been even better.

  • It should have been the minister's fertility.

  • It's such a fantastic book.

  • It's a terrific book, I must say. 00:00:45.200 --> 00:01:3.500 But I But the film, as far as I can see, failed because it was too short and at all the wonderful structure, all the backgrounds, all the worlds, which I think were very intelligently portrayed. 00:01:4.440 --> 00:01:7.250 You didn't really understand it in the film. 00:01:7.640 --> 00:01:13.350 They had to put in a narrator to explain things that it it was not matter.

  • David Live.

  • It is such a my job.

I enjoyed that.


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マックス・フォン・シドー、『デューン』の失望について (Max von Sydow on the disappointment of Dune)

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